Celebrities Without Makeup

  • Celebrities Without Makeup
Singer Jessie J steps out without makeup (and her signature bangs).
Source: Flynet
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  • Samone Moore
    Samone Moore

    I believe she has on make-up but if not she's very pretty.

  • Michelle

    Love the shirt, but she is looking totally different. She should REALLY not use so much make-up cause she is looking like Joker.

  • Miranda

    the point isnt that she isnt wearing any face makeup, its about how different she looks

  • Irina

    actualy she's not really preatty. With or without make up. But her voice is incredible.

  • Michelle

    Nah, I have a hand full of friends who have skin like hers or better. They're just really lucky that's all. One of them actually never wore foundation in her life because she just doesn't need it. She'd probably look better WITHOUT it.

  • Sarah

    Um, she's obviously wearing a full face of makeup - just soft colors. Are magazines really this dumb?

  • ME

    definitely better without make up!!

  • Dan

    Yeah clearly wearing makeup here.

  • sara

    you're actually retarded if you think she isn't wearing makeup here. just because she doesn't have rings on around her eyes doesn't mean she's rockin' the all natural look. she's wearing full foundation and blush in this photo...and mascara.

  • zubejda

    she's beautiful even without make up-she's the best LOve U Jessie

  • ivi

    poor her without make-up, better wear it Jessy

  • Kayley :)
    Kayley :)

    so sooooo much prettier here

  • HCN

    You can tell she is wearing foundation or something. Nobody's facial skin tone is that perfect.

  • Rissa

    i think shes prettier without the make up