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Rihanna without makeup.
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  • Sarah Rubeck
    Sarah Rubeck

    I'm a female with well over 30 tattoos... Don't hate on the body art. You rock them tattoos rihanna

  • Samone Moore
    Samone Moore

    Even though I don't care for her, she looks great!

  • Lucas Fenty
    Lucas Fenty

    She is beautiful and her tattoos are fake!

  • oOoCarnieGirloOo

    I dont know if they are fake or not after just watching the video of her photo shoot - they do make her look kinda nasty real or not!

  • Hanne

    don't you guys know that the big tattoos are fake?! :O

  • حمئکمئحکم


  • Sarah

    I can't get to the tats, I'm still asking "why???" over the Ronald McDonald hair. I'm all for originality, but this looks silly.

  • ryarya

    baaad tatts. she should have reconsidered that leg one

  • Brit

    Still beautiful and idiots most of those tats are for battleship.....not real

  • Asiah Hamid
    Asiah Hamid

    Not very pretty, and quite masculine too. But that should never stop anyone!!!! :)

  • simplydiffer

    What happened to her eyebrows?

  • footballisus

    wow this aint nice but she kinda looks like jamie fox in drag!

  • lauren

    'Victoria Owens People come on, most of those tats aren’t real, they’re for a role she’s playing as a naval officer in “Battleship”' Your right, there not real. Look at more up to date photos of her in a bikini and red hair, these tattoos are not there. They were for a movie.

  • Andreea Diana
    Andreea Diana

    those tattoos are covering such a nice body.

  • Angelina

    [quote=Victoria Owens]People come on, most of those tats aren't real, they're for a role she's playing as a naval officer in "Battleship" I hope so- the small tats she has right now are cute but the one on her leg and arm are a bit stripper-ish!

  • D

    she is so ugly

  • Lucila Contartese
    Lucila Contartese

    I really dislike hre gun tatto :S

  • Victoria Owens
    Victoria Owens

    People come on, most of those tats aren't real, they're for a role she's playing as a naval officer in "Battleship"

  • kyo

    ugly face

  • Yep

    Hello there,Ugly. I don't even like that bitch but how about you show yourself first and then call all the others ugly, you fat cow?

  • Ruby

    She looks so trashy with those tattoos.

  • dafish11

    i didnt know she had tattos

  • jgkh

    she has a rockin body

  • sheryl1996

    she is soooooooooo bhumm... omg, i

  • annabannana56

    Hello there,Ugly.

  • Milly

    toooo mutch tottoo's Rihanna :x