Hey the Jonas Brothers are

  • Hey  the Jonas Brothers are
Hey, the Jonas Brothers are on Chatroulette too! Actually no, this is a big ol' fake. Yes, we know you were so excited when you thought you were talking to the Jonas Brothers on Chatroulette that one night, but you weren't. Notice the hair on Joe and Kevin? That video is old and was imported by a prankster onto Chatroulette
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  • rachel

    FAKE! I'm pretty sure everyone saw them do that on a live chat like 2 years ago... not on chatroulette.

  • Guest

    I got them. I told them i had seen there show and they tried to convince me that they are less tame then their show!

  • omarion91

    the JB ooohhh

  • Tara

    my friend talked to them on chatroulette!