Joining his That 70s

  • Joining his  That  70s
Joining his 'That '70s Show' co-star Wilmer, Ashton Kutcher made a brief (and polite!) appearance on Chatroulette. Isn't Ashton nice for talking so sweetly with us civilians and humoring some geek about his love for math?
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  • Danielime

    I MET HIM TOOO! Last night, it was crazy.. he called me and my friend sexy and complimented my sunglasses :P

  • beamer1959

    I bet Ashton Kutcher would be a great person to hang out with. He seems to be able to communicate well with anyone. No wonder he go so many followers so fast on Twitter. He seems sincerely interested in what you have to say and doesn't act like some uppity celebrity who's just out to promote their next movie.

  • omarion91

    Wow what a long conversation with A.Kutcher (: