Celebuzz Awards 2011: Nominees for Rising Star

  • Celebuzz Awards 2011: Nominees for Rising Star
These are the up and comers that caught our attention this year and are on track to make it big in 2012.
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  • codysimpsonswife

    scott its called style and go hate somewhere esle ..yu too rose and fyi hes 14 not 12 get yur facts right , k?

  • scott

    ...this kid is wearing a rosary around his neck...

  • Rose

    Samantha, one is not a "stupid mother ****" because they don't know who this twelve-year-old with the rounded jaw and delicate features of a girl is. He's wearing a rosary and throwing a 'hang ten'. If anything, I was way cooler before I knew his name was Cody. Knowing who he is is bringing my street cred down.

  • sin

    You may know who this kis is but I don't . Where is his mane shown other than by you?

  • Samatha

    its CODY you stupid mother fuck !!!!!!

  • sin

    Still no clue and no names.