Celebuzz Readers Dress Like Celebrities For Halloween

  • Celebuzz Readers Dress Like Celebrities For Halloween
Marissa Batista and friends went as what seems to be the most popular Halloween trio, the Kardashian sisters!
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  • Kendra DaSilva
    Kendra DaSilva

    These girls did a great job ! They look exactly like the famous sisters we all love , greaat job girls!

  • Kaley Nientimp
    Kaley Nientimp

    These girls have it going on they should definitely win the Kardashian contest !!! Goodluck girls !

  • Alexandria Keene
    Alexandria Keene

    Not only does she have a bodacious donk, she has that slammin style! Kardashian look alike for sure!

  • Angelique

    These girls have definitely been Keeping up with the Kardashians ;) hope they win!

  • Jeremiah

    Definitely the top celebs in my book! Great Picture! I believe we have our Winners!

  • gabby

    these girls did a beautiful job. I think they should be the winners. awesome job girls

  • donald

    these girls are the best ones, they should win

  • Ed Pereira
    Ed Pereira


  • FallRiversFinest

    these girls should be in the number 1 spot! they look so amazing!!!


    hot mommmas!!

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra


  • Troy

    sexy bebes.

  • stunna09

    you girls look AMAZING!!!! Loving the red lips, you look just as good as the real thing!!

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra

    thanks! tell all your friends to vote for us!!!

  • Rhody Ram
    Rhody Ram

    one word ...stunning! these girls really look like the real thing! Work it girls!

  • URI 2014
    URI 2014

    Honestly, these girls are the the winners hands down. how could you not crown them the winners they have that Kardashian swag!

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra

    "FRIENDS" IN THE PIC ARE Lauren Sabra as Kourtney & Shannon Long as Khloe- WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! [img]http://www.celebuzz.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/31/381177_10150913336705093_887505092_21560979_1010546986_n-340_255.jpg[/img]

  • Lauren Elizabeth Sabra
    Lauren Elizabeth Sabra

    haha thanks! lovin' it!!!! we love KIm K too. girl power!!!

  • Bobby Lagerby
    Bobby Lagerby

    clear winners! boom shockalocka

  • Shayna Buttafuko
    Shayna Buttafuko


  • Danny Mazulo
    Danny Mazulo

    whoah! these chicks are just as hott as the real deal. smokin!

  • Chels

    you guys look GORGEOUS! Kim K got that booty poppin!