Child Stars: Where Are They Now?

  • Child Stars: Where Are They Now?
Now: She still doesn't shy away from risky roles, and picked up an Academy Award for Best Actress for her gritty role as a sexual assault survivor in "The Accused" in 1989. In 1991, she brought home Oscar gold again for her role in "Silence of the Lambs."
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  • Rob Grant
    Rob Grant

    Great actress and pretty lady. Sadly, I'm guessing I would not have a shot even if she like dudes.

  • charade

    Why do they keep bringing people like this up? We all know where she is now. She has made many, many, many movies.... Do people that has actually disappeared from the spot light. Not people that just took a few years hiatus

  • Nymph

    didn't she also act in the movie "contact" shes so cool in movies, like reserved.

  • nunja ninja
    nunja ninja

    Shes a carpet muncher and will burnin hell with all the rest of the carpet munchers, bulldikes and queers. nuff said hope you enjoy the heat, oh and your a terrible actor/actress

  • jar88

    My favorite lesbian. I'd love to f*ck her brains out, pound her so hard balls deep that the lesbian in her will become straight.

  • Claudia M. Cintron
    Claudia M. Cintron

    I don't care for her but she does look good.

  • mancuso

    Simply gorgeous, will always love her and her tiny frame and her throaty voice and those unbelievably piercing eyes. The "tons of talent" part ain't exactly a turn-off either.

  • john f.
    john f.

    What's with the extra details in the comments? How about "Great actress. Likes pizza" or "Great actress. Picks nose." Seriously. Is there relevance to her acting talents in discussing sexual preference? Jodie Foster, straight or gay, has shown enormous talent on and behind the camera and considerable intelligence and grace, overall. Possibly the most accomplished ex "child actor" in this set.

  • Carmen

    She was NOMINATED for Nell(94) and for Taxi Driver (76) but she WON for The Accused (88) and The Silence of The Lambs (91)...... and as to the lesbian stuff it says: (about Cydney Bernard) "Has two children with Jodie Foster: Charles Bernard Foster (born to Foster in 1998) and Kit Bernard Foster (born to Foster in 2001)." and "Her longtime relationship with Jodie Foster ended in May 2008" this took me all of FIVE minutes to check with, if i can do it so can you, get your facts straight next time stupid ass celebuzz people......

  • n

    she had a nose job

  • Boricua

    Who cares if she is gay. I love her. She is so classy & private. Besides being a GREAT actress.

  • forgetmenot

    She won the Oscar for Best Actress both 'The Accused', 1988 and 'The Silence and the Lambs', 1991. Jessica Lange won the 1994 Best Actress Oscar for 'Blue Sky'.

  • needge

    Its so weird that she's a lesbian...

  • Clara

    How can she be a lesbian?? She is so beautiful.....Wait a minute, maybe that's how she became a lesbian!!!! Chicks think she is so beautiful!!!!!

  • teriqua

    Too much confusion.

  • Fox Js
    Fox Js

    What? She's a lesbian? Anway, she's a great actress. :)

  • CKM

    Who does the fact checking here? Silence of the Lambs, NOT NEll, for Jodie Foster.

  • K

    Wow, all they needed to do was check imdb. Seriously, who fact checks this stuff?

  • bexx

    she came out as a lesbian didn't she?

  • ugh

    This entire article is so trashy. Please don't remind me how sad my life is by getting these easily verifiable details wrong. jesus.

  • mmjaye

    [quote=Regina Foster]I thought she won Best Actress for Silence of the Lambs in 91 and The Accused in 89... Nell in 94?? You're so right! What are they talking about?

  • Regina Foster
    Regina Foster

    I thought she won Best Actress for Silence of the Lambs in 91 and The Accused in 89... Nell in 94??

  • jajalel

    great actress. gay

  • britt

    she plays in all the great movies...

  • Weverton Ribeiro
    Weverton Ribeiro

    love herrrrrr