Child Stars: Where Are They Now?

  • Child Stars: Where Are They Now?
Then: D.J. Tanner was the oldest daughter and big sister to Stephanie and Michelle on "Full House"
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  • hornytoad

    you know she's kinky in bed

  • Eleni Anne Nissan
    Eleni Anne Nissan

    i love her hair

  • courtneybaaaby

    bit chubby there girl haha

  • kellyj05

    i couldnt stand the show or her whiny ass voice... wanna put her head on a pike

  • cadillacslim352

    when i was lil i had a crush on her. i wanted her to be my girlfriend so bad

  • lovetosmile101

    I used to love her when she played DJ.

  • Zipp Marica
    Zipp Marica

    Like her hair (l)

  • Angel :)
    Angel :)

    she looks like she just got a huge electrical shock

  • guest11

    loving the cousin It pic here

  • Ms.V

    Damn... Put some red lipstick and gold hoops with her name inside on her, and we have the winner for the Ms.Chola pageant

  • Clara

    She married a Canadian Hockey player.

  • julllia

    wow! haha shes on the show make it or break it now, and she deffenetly learned what NOT to do to her hair. oh those radical 60s and 70s hair dos(oh should i say donts?)

  • IcyColdChick

    LOVE her hair!!!

  • haven846

    My sister's hair looked EXACTLY like that in the 80's.

  • qqmlo

    Que gorda me caia la pava esta. De mayor está bastante más buena

  • flutterbang

    Those were the days when all of her hair was probably all hers

  • cheerleader2012

    Look at the pretty ass hair!! I loved when she played dj! She was so pretty! I bet the next pic is even better!!

  • truelove

    haha I LOVED her in Full House when I was 8 years old or sth xDD

  • Christi Lu
    Christi Lu

    the hair.XD

  • Nubi

    I bet she has 12 cans of Aqua Net in that hair. LOL!!!

  • reneelucky7

    She just can't smoke a cig while doing her hair- because it would probably catch on fire.

  • Katherine Hernandez
    Katherine Hernandez

    I bet she has 12 cans of Aqua Net in that hair. HAHAHAHAHA! (I lean like a chola song pops up in my head) "spray your hair with aquanet listen to the oldies"

  • reneelucky7

    I bet she has 12 cans of Aqua Net in that hair.