Chris Brown Smashes Glass at 'GMA' Studios

  • Chris Brown Smashes Glass at 'GMA' Studios
The window of the Good Morning America studio at 1500 Broadway in Times Square, allegedly smashed by Chris Brown during and interview in which he was asked questions about Rihanna.
Source: Splash News
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  • TeamBreezy

    F*ck the haters. #TeamBreezy

  • raheema
    raheema u b.tch . Chris brown has changed . she shouldna been brangin up old sh.t . #ChrisBrownFanForLife ! .

  • Phyllis Monk
    Phyllis Monk

    I think that he is a disgrace to the human race. He is a woman battierer and will never change. I know from lst. hand. I was married to a batterer. What Chris Brown done to Rehiana, he will do again to another girlfriend. He is a piece of _hit in my book.