Tai Frasier Sweet hair you

  • Tai Frasier  Sweet hair you
Tai Frasier. Sweet hair you got there, Tai.
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  • mar

    oh come on, that's just the character. in clueless tai is the nerdy girl that the popular girls take on as a makeover project. they made her look bad on purpose. you should have posted a picture after the makerover! (she keeps the red hair although a lighter shade and she looks pretty cute actually)

  • whoaa

    the fact that she lost those pounds, those eyebrows and went blonde did a lot for her !! she became hot

  • Flakk

    Holy changed look batman! I had no idea that was Brittany Murphy

  • noah

    Those eyebrows look like furry caterpillars.

  • Kim

    Oh Brittany, you are so much more prettier as a blonde!!! This look is definately not for you!!