Coco and Her Teeny Bikini

  • Coco and Her Teeny Bikini
Ice-T's wife Nicole "Coco" Austin is seen in Miami Beach, Florida on June 27, 2010.
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  • George Jefferson
    George Jefferson

    Is this coming from jealously? This comment has got to be from a chick. lol

  • wolfgrl

    I don't know if this has been commented on but a big thing that stands out to me is that she's always saying how her rear is natural..she works out to get it that way no plastic she may have not had implants BUT in the closeup picture you can CLEARLY see injection sites on the crease of where the leg meets the bottom. This is a brazillian butt lift people..they take fat from one part of your body and inject it into the butt. And looks to me like she's had it done multiple times!

  • eww

    straw head

  • Trina Jones Gongaware
    Trina Jones Gongaware

    haha i agree

  • Debbi

    They both are actors and she will be in a really good movie soon. He is great and has a weekly show he is in. She has many business' I think it's called Coco, Inc or something like that. Yet, she will come in no matter how busy her day has been and make him anything he wishes for dinner. He treats her really well in return. Then they go out or even stay home and have a great time laughing & enjoying one another. I admire them and laugh at so many things on their show. Now that's a great show and REAL!

  • Debbi

    I agree with Jessica! That is my favorite show. They super love each other and she is so sweet to everyone. I don't want or need to see these starved girls as they are a dime a dozen. Plenty for you if that is your thing. The beauty is in their fun and how strong their love is I'm so sick of Kim K.and the others looking the exact same way. I'm not a hater and all the others are pretty too but Coco and Ice are the best couple and she is so sweet to all. Too bad there are so many haters. She is so cool. I'm a blonde with a real rockin bod but I care more about happiness in life & being kind. I love their show!

  • Double Damn
    Double Damn

    I have dd's and I have this one bikini that's to small....I don't see how she didn't fall out cause when I tried wearing mine that's what happened. Ew man.

  • Heather

    Shes a very beautiful woman, I by far am not going to hate bc she is pretty, and i think a more full figured woman is very attractive whether ppl say shes fake or not, the only thing fake are her tits... and if you could have big boobs like hers most woman would if they could... but yes the pubies and cooca popping out is a lil much but if she doesnt care y should we?

  • little rue 01
    little rue 01

    i think anyone should be ashamed, embarressed, and definitly not smiling about what she's doing. this is wrong, and what if some young girls look at this and 10 years later think they should dress like that? it's like a miley cyrus thing. kids don't look up to her as much, i think, but one should really do anything like this. wether they can pull it off or not.

  • Punk Boy
    Punk Boy

    Thar s blows

  • Phoenix

    wat a pity, she feels sexy! Tsk tsk tsk

  • Kelli Louise Cucitro
    Kelli Louise Cucitro

    i think she has features of a male body builder.. steroid face with fat cellulite ass..

  • Ed

    Haha danngg obsessed much.

  • Ed

    I like breasts but dislike, coco. Only the men in certain categories like this sh*t.

  • omgwtf

    Anna Nicole Smith pulled it off better.

  • yog

    bikni body phot's is very clean and sober. i see different bikni body in different micro shap.

  • DKK

    I agree!

  • DKK

    I agree Jessica. Thick women are sexy so why not flaunt it?

  • Richard Wm. Narlian
    Richard Wm. Narlian

    NOOOOOOO~Courtney.. -Your sense of humor is sooo lost,fake,just plain GONE!

  • Richard Wm. Narlian
    Richard Wm. Narlian

    Who thf are YOU?

  • William

    Coco You are Fine ass hell. It's funny how they want to compare you to Kim Kardashian who is sooo fake. Girls Coco is a real woman if you consider her fat you have some real issues. Thats what you call a figure. Not scrawny and malnurished

  • Michelle

    F**K ALL THESE HATERS!!!!! You go girl!!! You look good and you feel good. You have every right to wear whatever you want. Confidence is Beautiful. You are sweet and if there was a way to whip the asses of all of these idiots I would so do it. You look Fantastic and You CAN take that to the bank. I hope you never read any of these awful comments.

  • josh

    stop hating, all u bitches are just jealous cause u have already hit menopause and your stomachs jiggle more than a bowl of jello. get a life

  • common sense
    common sense

    Oh look it's an older courtney stodden does that mean Ice T's a 90 year old?

  • Rachel Gillenwater Bartlett
    Rachel Gillenwater Bartlett

    Ice needs to step up and tell her that she's not a size 3, more like a 10-11. But maybe he doesn't because he's scared he might get his ass beat! She looks more manly than he does!

  • Nikki

    She is too fat for a bikini....It just doesnt look good......She is no Kourtney Kardashian thats for sure...You people are all right...she does look fake..she looks fake on here and on that dumb show of theirs...does anyone even watch it ..I dont think so...I dont watch it thats for sure...I mean who is she? , and he is some kind of what? Is he in the music business or what? I dont get it...they have a show based on what? and these need to cover that shit are #1. You are too white to be prancing around like that and, 2. You are too fat to be wearing a bikini, let alone a bathing suit at would look better with one of those shall things they wear around their waists. I dont even know why I commented on here...shes a gross no name...with no brains of her own, so she waited til she got married to get a reality show...I mean if you have no money and you have to do a reality show, then give it up lmao ...oh..3. GROSS

  • kouao123

    u got a tiny body butt big breast now i get it wen people say blondes are dumb cause theyll do anything for sex. and also if u watch porn u will notice tht its only blondes who shuve there hands in other gurls pussy she looks just lik those people

  • joe-rodney

    its not a full figure if you have to buy it....then its just plastic.

  • sambobill


  • beautifuldiva

    woooooow wtf. do you think it really makes a wrinkle in her day if yall are bashing her? seriously? most of you who are here talking about how nasty she is and ugly and lumpy etc.. are just a bunch of haters and probably wish you could look half as good nearly naked. who gives a flying rats a** if she has her pubes hanging out or bought her bikini in the toddlers department, its her choice and she obviously likes it and, hello??? no one forced you to look. smdh

  • elle

    i dont think anyone should wear something that small, even if you were a small person. jeez. way to not leave anything up to the imagination. and to think so many girls complain that guys are way too horny. women like this are to blame

  • courtneybaaaby

    whats the point of buying them, if your just gonna cover them up?

  • courtneybaaaby


  • Jealous of Ice
    Jealous of Ice

    Definitely sexy as hell. it's a black thing, you wouldn't understand!

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    i can see her nipple through her swimsiut. dare i call it a swimsuit, it doesn't cover enough to qualify as a

  • Koiyu

    .___. You know what. I think she's actually a very beautiful woman. Coco is super curvy and soft but fit: She thick~ ___> Maybe it's not that she's a 'hippo', but rather it's just the overexposure to 12 year old girls with implants on the red carpet but right, that's just me. I'm not a disgustingly rich corporate fool controlling the media so I must be just a random internet freak that is spurting nonsense. >__> So sure, she's being kind of a ho with that absurd bikini, but why do you care? It's more like shame on the paparazzi and viewers feeding into these kinds of things rather than just her. If it's bothering your supremely judgmental little minds that much, stop b!tching about it and leave. Ever heard of nudists? They must be oohh so disgusting.

  • Omar

    Very cute..

  • horny

    thats f*cking hottt

  • Green

    I think papparazzie has the worst job ever.

  • anonymous


  • oMG


  • Joni

    GOD! she's gross!

  • Ram

    Now that's a body. Not like thos skinny broads with the bony hips.

  • kikik

    I just think she looks like a tranny who tries very hard to look like a girl :) ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  • fuck

    wow i boob conists of around 5 litre milk,,,,,i wanna drink u r milk plz giv m e ur num just through dat tiny bikini i want 2 see u r niiple,,,,, i want 2 touch u r boobs 1000 times by my penis i m gettin out control of my penis it is nw 8 inch long,!!!!!!!!!1111

  • Ian

    Ha, she probably thinks we're admiring her cool, expensive shades that sugar daddy paid for. When really we just envision those straining nipples popping out and her breasts mashed into our faces.

  • maxsteel5000

    the sun feels good look a fan

  • Dutchie

    ehmm...who is she?

  • Peter Tha Py Eater
    Peter Tha Py Eater

    You know....regardless of who's wife she is, I think that when people leave negative comments, they're just jealous 'cause they don't look like that!!!!

  • personnn

    hey she is GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yo ucan see her nip p les through her bikini nd she needs reductions its SICK!!!!!

  • danielle

    her but is nice her boobs are to big and she should have cleaned up her bush

  • Marybeth Schaeffer
    Marybeth Schaeffer

    Wow.. harsh comments :( Well, she never really was rail thin.. but she's hardly "gross" looking. The only thing that really stands out to me is the sun damage on her chest area.. which comes with tanning and going to the beach I guess. I WISH I had half off her butt. Maybe then my pants would stay up!

  • couture

    she leaves nothing for imagination

  • Julie

    She needs a relationship with Jesus Christ. Pray for her, everybody! : )

  • notateen

    boys cant comment because they jackin off. they jack off at anything with plastic breasts. hahahahhahha

  • Jessica

    CoCo don't trip bout all these negative comments they are just HATERS, you look hot and thick and sexy.

  • News Alert
    News Alert

    In this thread, teen-aged girls jealous of a full figured woman.

  • JerryP

    Its Hilarious that only girls comment on this

  • anon


  • beiia29

    Not sexy Coco Tsk

  • I'm about to throw up.
    I'm about to throw up.

    whore, whor, whore, whore. thats all i can say. this is disgusting. shes gross. who think she is the hottest sh*t ever...and really just needs to cover up. seriously. her tits and ass are wayyy to big. its not cute. you looks soo fake. i can't stand people who do this kinda sh*t. its gross and so unclassy. cover up. if you want that sh*t for the bedroom...then thats your choice. but don't flaunt it around in public. agree. btw, she disgusts me.

  • teressa butolini
    teressa butolini

    okayyyy so if you zoom down when she is in the water you can see her pubies...and she deff needs to cover that up..i am going to puke and her no-bathing suit is screaming real bad

  • teressa butolini
    teressa butolini

    in the last pic you can see her nipple

  • itsmebehbeh

    f*ckkkking gross.! Gessh.! It looks like she has 3 watermelons for each breast.! So faaake.!

  • miniece97

    I'm surprised it didn't pop off! Lmfao.

  • lahe27

    whore, whor, whore, whore. thats all i can say. this is disgusting. shes gross. who think she is the hottest sh*t ever...and really just needs to cover up. seriously. her tits and ass are wayyy to big. its not cute. you looks soo fake. i can't stand people who do this kinda sh*t. its gross and so unclassy. cover up. if you want that sh*t for the bedroom...then thats your choice. but don't flaunt it around in public.

  • S

    There is nothing wrong with being heavy-set. As long as you COVER IT UP! Hello!

  • Boo

    That is NOT attractive at all.......I don't know why she does that and trust and believe she does not have a bad body. Girlfriend needs to bring it down a notch. I mean you will be in your 60's and you will start to look like sag meat hanging from the meat room. Ice-T stop acting like you are in your 20's and be a grown ass man dog. Put some respectable clothing on your woman.

  • ..

    omfg dont even try