Coco and Her Teeny Bikini

  • Coco and Her Teeny Bikini
Ice-T's wife Nicole "Coco" Austin is seen in Miami Beach, Florida on June 27, 2010.
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  • Marguerite Montijo
    Marguerite Montijo at least she thinks she looks good..thats all that should count..

  • DKK

    You are jealous & totally wrong. Most straight men would consider themselves very lucky to have a lady like Coco. She is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

  • HenryYouLuckyBastardWeDidntGetYouFirst

    You may as well say ur not jealous, but I would bet half of all my money that at least 90% of haters talking thrash out here are women with a, b or c cups.. Yes, her butt is big, but some love it that way, and her boobs are well done. Remember ladies, for us, guys there really are only two types of women: the ones who think they look better than they really do and the ones who have self-assurance issues with their racks.. It all becomes a matter of approach.

  • DKK

    Love Coco. She is gorgeous. You go girl!

  • :D

    35 b..... staying here....and i told MY mom my butt was big

  • :D

    Get some clothing on!!! I think She's just trying to get everyone to look. Somebody please tell her she looks like a loon

  • blkdawg

    Nothing in this world hotter than that.

  • Sol

    Who cares? Her husband likes it and many, many men like it too. Stop sounding disgruntled, jealous and angry because she is convinced of her attractiveness. Kudos to her whether we like it or not. Its not our place to judge. I'd be more upset if she was a pedophile, rapist, murderer and so forth and had the nerve to think she was special. She is just an entertainer. She is what Ice-T wants and she is what (believe it or not) some other men want as well. Some people like emaciated women and love to bump against some bones when they hug or touch someone and some love to feel the luscious fullness of a thick framed woman. It could be culture for some to revere thickness and revolt it otherwise. In america where the current beauty ideal is thin and very euro-centric, Coco defies at least one of those ideals by being full-figured. Anyway, bottom line: Don't like it? Don't look.

  • Linda Flynn
    Linda Flynn

    Dont be a hater.... Sooo many of us hate our bodies.... But I admire her confidence....She's secure in herself.. and ice isn't wouldnt catch me in that tiny tiny suit.. but hell if I looked like go girl.....

  • Kathy Bond
    Kathy Bond

    did anyone ever tell this woman that she looks like a tub of lard?

  • Kathy Bond
    Kathy Bond

    did anyone ever tell this woman she looks like a tub of LARD.

  • prince charls
    prince charls

    ur the sexiest.........

  • Ann

    So sad how's she considered "Too fat" you really can't please society nowadays. I think her body is gorgeous and if she likes it and her husband likes it, why should it matter to anyone else?

  • chipshot

    She is gorgeous. Coco can wear anything she wants and still be gorgeous. What a woman !! All these jealous, backbiting, losers posting on here are pitiful boors.

  • Sonya Gilius
    Sonya Gilius

    I was just thinking the same thing. I laughed so hard about your comment that I fell off my chair!

  • Yikes

    A big blob of gross cellulite.

  • Big o
    Big o

    Freaking great! Nice and thick ass!

  • Why?

    She has a banging body but if she had at least an ounce of class she could really be a big star. And what kind of marriage do they have where Ice could care less if his wife is dressed worse than a $10 hooker on E. 14th Street at 2:00am. Why would she even have to do that? She has money and loves her man. What attention does she need from other men that Ice can't provide? 2 bad, nobody's ever goin to trully endorse her because no girl would ever wana be her. & sorry men but that's where the money lies. Men won't buy her clothing, perfume ect.

  • UM, OK
    UM, OK

    It's called "butt floss".

  • UM, OK
    UM, OK

    [quote] Who are we to judge when they’re minding their own business on the beach? [quote] I bet you'd think differently if I wore something like that on the beach... I'm pretty heavyset... like most of the 'haters' on here are talking about, but when I see people dressed like this, (or wearing their pants way down off their butt) it makes me want to do the same and see how you that do it, (or say it's ok) would like that!

  • dbcooper

    Now , that's a sturdy chair

  • Annemarie Diffenderffer
    Annemarie Diffenderffer

    Ya know, Ice-T like her body and apparently so does she (although I bet she's like any other girl who's obsessed with how she looks, and may be a little bummed when she sees these photos) and that's all that matters. Who are we to judge when they're minding their own business on the beach? Leave the woman alone. And for those who mentioned he's black, marrying a white prostitute...c'mon! I think they're a good couple, and they'll stand the test of, they aren't wasting their time looking at photos of us on the beach? Who are the losers now? We are!

  • fruuush

    wow. she really got me horny

  • Simone

    One word. TRASHY!! Glad the girl feels good about herself, but c'mon- that's just plain wrong. Ice-T, take out the garbage, it stinks.

  • turban5

    [quote=ice tee's consience]that is a nasty hoe!!! yyuukkk lmao

  • Julio

    Ok Coco...this is not a nudist beach....cover-up! Nice fake boobs!

  • rockstarcomic

    [quote=Tiffany Rogers]why do i get the feeling she used to be a porn star? If Camille Grammer was a porn star why not Ice T's wife? They like skanks.

  • Uri

    How old is Mrs. Tea anyway? Ice, we been good buds for a while, but man thas a lotta whale blubber you got bouncin on you dude. Anyway, sorry they invaded your old lady's privacy like that. I can tell she was real upset.

  • KayMay

    Why would anyone wrap a whale in a bad bikini? That's just mean.

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama

    coco has a little bit of a hairy coconut but and a little meaty but......ID STILL DO HER!! Don't you stupid bitches know black men love them some thick white girls? I'm positive she's still better than most of you watermelon shaped bitches out there...hahaahahaha!!

  • Johnny Bee
    Johnny Bee

    Wow, world's largest ass! From the front, a 9.5, from the back, a 3.2! Sorry, that's how I see it!

  • Angel

    That crotch is all sorts of yuck and gross. And there is no way she could go swimming. Those implants would just float her right back to the shore or float up around her head like ear warmers.

  • susyloo

    Where does she keep her bicycle pump?

  • Raven Wolf
    Raven Wolf not sexy.

  • O.e

    Oh. . .my. . . god. Dude, that is disgusting.

  • denise 123
    denise 123

    Wow, her proportions are so weird! Right down to the tiny teeth and big square face. My gut reaction was Ugggh! and the shot of that g-string hopelessly lost in that giant rear end .. was too much to take! I gotta get OUTTA HERE before my lunch comes up! Peace out.

  • Grossed Out
    Grossed Out

    Gross.......What a skank......Cover that repulsive nastiness up.......Don't we have public decency laws.......

  • maxsteel5000

    just ask and im yours but dont tell the wife lol lol l8ter

  • shanieceo

    Ewww. She looks like she stinks.

  • marcia

    [quote=ice tee's consience]that is a nasty hoe!!! yyuukkk its her body,she can do what she wants plus she looks real good..(and i love man) and if her husband dont have a problem why other people as one she love her husband leave them alone,some people are just haters....looking good girl

  • Talon

    Another black man with a well fed white ho'.

  • Super-Boring-Stuff

    Rich black guy marries hot white prostitute...since when is this news? I thought news was when something unusual happened, not exactly what everybody knows is going to happen. Next headline "sun rises in the east tomorrow!"

  • Les

    I don't see what all the hate is about. Look the other way if you can. Let this woman have her day on the beach. Oh, did you flip through ALL the pictures before spouting nasty things about a woman who appears to love her husband and keeps him happy. Everybody in Miami wears dental floss, so what!

  • Pennylane67

    She doesn't look nearly as good as she thinks she does.

  • Peggy

    No matter what a woman looks like, self respect should cause her to cover up more. Save the tiny bikini for a private day with your man!

  • Kayette

    I dont think she looks bad all. If u have it flaunt it! and if u dont shut up!

  • mchudi91 xx
    mchudi91 xx

    [quote=Tiffany Rogers]why do i get the feeling she used to be a porn star? i was thinkin exactly the same thing, lol

  • Lisa

    CoCo looks like a HOE- HOE I wonder does she own a mirror? It's like she's wearing dental floss for a bikini. DISGUSTING!!!!!

  • John

    Another clueless, and classless celeb wanna-be.

  • meenah

    She only wants attention

  • yuck

    omg-that is not pretty and NO im def. NOT jelous. i'll stick to my 36 c yuck.

  • who

    [quote=ice tee's consience]that is a nasty hoe!!! yyuukkk she is going to look funny when she gets old with them big o tiits,well she looks kinda old now.lmao

  • kas

    disgusting body :/ especially lower part.

  • zzz

    Feel sick...

  • Guest

    Did any1 try to push her back in the ocean?

  • Nichole

    She seriously looks and dresses and in this case is a lot undressed like a hooker looking for a john. I can't for the life of me understand why it seems Ice loves her skanky look. Have any of you ever seen her at an awards show and she's wearing like a seriously mini dress with holes in it?? She might as well just go out and about naked. She in my opinion is nit good looking. With all that plastic surgery and crap. I would've liked to have seen her before she met Ice and before those plastic surgeries. I bet you all she looked really nice. And now she's not only his wife, but his own prostitute!!!!!

  • Annabella123

    i dont understand how a person can even look like that its disgusting :PP

  • miniece97


  • mike

    Ice-T is blessed to have such a perfect looking wife

  • TaintedTwisted

    Well, at least she does have a lot of self confidence... and a jaw that would make the Terminator jealous. I would love to see her do cannon ball! (not in my pool though ^_^)

  • Tiffany Rogers
    Tiffany Rogers

    why do i get the feeling she used to be a porn star?


    r u serious!!! NASTY!!! DIRTY!!! HELP THIS HOE............

  • vanessa

    nastyyyy!!! ewwwwwwwwwww wax or shave that!!!!!!!!! dirty hoe needs help....

  • anonymous

    What a nasty lifeform......cover up yourself cuz you don't look good!!!

  • Missa

    Coco was complaining how the papz were invading her privacy, she did not want them to take some pics and now I see she was posing for them and she look like she was actually enjoying, what the heck ????? it seems when ppl say that, they get more she prolly said it to get more exposure...u knw of course she luvs it lol.

  • Gail

    bad taste- but looks great

  • Ivan Russian
    Ivan Russian

    I want her boobs i from Russian Michail

  • MrLover

    Coco was complaining how the papz were invading her privacy, she did not want them to take some pics and now I see she was posing for them and she look like she was actually enjoying, what the heck ?????

  • gooodo

    u re sexy

  • ice tee's consience
    ice tee's consience

    that is a nasty hoe!!! yyuukkk