Coco and Her Teeny Bikini

  • Coco and Her Teeny Bikini
Ice-T's wife Nicole "Coco" Austin is seen in Miami Beach, Florida on June 27, 2010.
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  • suzy

    OMG!!!!! I admit that she has a nice "made" body, but too much cellulite! She should give someone's granddaughter her bikini back!

  • H&A

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooh my god, can't believe it...

  • Paige

    You think this is a woman? Its a monster. Sheez she needs to cover things up for once, and all that plastic surgery is disgusting!

  • lovelon


  • unknown

    These pics are my opinion. I have a nice body and figure and cute face...not jealous of a female that looks like a tranny...SORRY

  • Donncha O'Floinn
    Donncha O'Floinn

    Wow....she looks incredibly sexy! Any true heterosexual man would kill to hit that ass. Not to be so crude but it is true, that is what we really like. I used to be embaressed and wouldn't say to my friends openly that I liked thick curvy women like CoCo or Kim Kardashian or Nikki Minaj or Christina Hendricks (just giving examples so you understand) because I thought they would laugh at me and say I liked fat girls because theyd all talk about how hot Mila Kunis is or Meghan Fox & I would just sit there and nod agreeing like an idiot because I was afraid to be myself. Then somebody would bring up some girl from school or work that was exactly my type and theyd ask what I thought & I'd lie and say "eww shes fat, maybe if she lost weight" and theyd all look at me weird and say oh really? I think shes wicked hot, shes one of those girls that is a little thick that are so friggin hot & they'd all agree and think I didn't. So I'd sit there mad, stewing in my own mind unbeknownst to them that she is the exact girl I like and have liked since I saw her and now they think I'm the exact opposite of what I am b/c I was afraid of getting laughed at but now I'm being the odd one out which is the whole reason I lied to avoid being in that exact predicament. Thats happend a few more times throughout my life until I decided enough was enough, I like who and what I like and thats just how it is and who I am. Sure enough when I was open about liking curvy girls and not caring that much for thin skinny models who are gross, my friends didnt think I was weird or laugh at me at all. Matter of fact they all would come out here or there and say they knew exactly what I was talking about and how girls of that type are really sexy and that every guy likes that once in a while. The fact I was afraid and lied about it just showed before how ignorant & clueless I was about what other men thought and felt about women. I thought because skinny girls covered all of the magazines and runways, not to mention on the covers of playboy and female leads in movies that every guy liked that and that it was the complete norm for straight men. To like girls of any bigger size and you were a "chubby chaser"....but those fears were unwarranted and true straight guys will get it and agree, those who don't are either secretly gay & pretending to be straight and thats why they dont get what authentic straight men like or they were like me and lying to escape redicule OR they are one of those few out there with an actual fetish for skinny types. Aside from the 1950's, today is the best time to be somebody like me who likes thick women. The media has begun to embrace the trend with voluptuous women now being the ones on magazines, tv & movies (still not the runways but thats b/c most fashion designers & makeup artists for models & agents are usually gay men who tend to think skinny thin as a thread women are attractive because they have the same figure as a teenage boy). Society is beginning or has already begun to accept voluptuous women & women themselves have started to embrace their own bodies and no longer are obsessed with hiding their curves and losing weight to be like the anorexic runway models who are not attractive at all. With leading actresses in the movies & TV like Scarlett Johanssen, Christina Hendricks, Salma Hayek & musicians like Nikki Minaj & whatever Kim Kardashian is famous for (sex tape? reality tv? being rich? who knows?) we now have women who look real or at least more real than the ones we had before. I'm glad to have our times being more accepting to looks, as well as diversity in sexuality & attractions. It isn't just about me having a thing for voluptuous women & being able to see them in movies & tv when before it was rare, it is about people accepting what they feel, WHO they ARE & NOT being afraid of how we look or what we feel. Not having to look in the mirror and be ashamed of what you look like or afraid to go outside because you don't fit societies picture of perfection you are expected....nay, demanded to's about humanity accepting its own humanity and not trying to put on a mask and throw out this false perception of who & what we truly are and honestly feel. Nobody should be made to feel ashamed of what they look like, wether fat, short, tall or even skinny, or what race they are nor ever be ashamed of their sexual desires wether they are homosexual, bisexual, heterosexual, asexual and everything & fetish in between. Acceptance, Understanding, Tolerance, Equality, Enlightenment, Humanity.....these are the exemplars for our time and our society...NOT American society or British society or Japanese society, but for Human society, our people as a whole. Sure, it is probably far fetched of me to think of such goals as achievable in our lifetimes but one must at least have hope, our future, our tomarrow gives us hope and without hope we might as well give up already. I know this is a bit preachy just for a comment about CoCo in a bikini but one thing leads to another and thats how the world evolves....

  • DKK

    You are terribly jealous of Coco. I am sure you are fat and ugly!

  • DKK

    I agree with you. If you got it, then flaunt it!

  • DKK

    I agree with you. Coco is beautiful & she is proud to show off her body as she pleases, just the way it should be. I am a man but I can't understand how especially women can criticize her. Coco is a good example for all females.

  • sads

    do you think she would look as good without implants?? Would guys think her body was good without implants??

  • DKK

    I agree with Michelle. Coco looks great in her sexy bikini. You go girl!

  • Werbemail

    I needed to thank you for this wonderful read!! I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it. I have you saved as a favorite to check out new stuff you post…

  • Pedro

    Anyone saying eww is either gay or jelous. Coco is incredibly hot her curves are nothing but amazing.

  • HQuinn

    Aw come on, don't criticize her thighs... They're probably the only thing that's actually real on her. I'm well within my "healthy weight range" and no matter what I do my thighs are huge. Some women can't help that.

  • jackie

    Too big and too nasty! Bigger isn't always better sometimes less is more.

  • Cindi Glaim
    Cindi Glaim

    That is is just so nasty, cover up COCO, you ain't that great, you look like you bought the wrong size bathing suit, you'r just gross, nasty, nasty, nasty, GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • pandagirl

    she is not naturally this way. i'm all for curvy women, i am one myself, but she certainly does not look like a 'real woman'. she has artificially enhanced her body to ridiculous proportions and it looks so wrong. i just find that all natural curvy women are far more attractive - this is just silly, and she's done that to herself. madness.

  • Mama

    Someone please call the Spelling and Grammar Police on this moron.

  • Mama

    Extremely thick, muscular and curvy-mostly naked woman. And? I personally wouldn't show so much, but I am not Coco. I am not going to hate on her, either. She is rich, confident, and happy with herself. Can all here that are cutting on her say that?

  • jamal hari
    jamal hari

    hi ;)

  • Mena

    WHAT !!!!! >.< WTF is goin on earth !!!! (Who brought the panda to the beach ??!! )

  • fernanda

    I'm a girl w/ a husband and I agree w/ you cause its what he thinks also. I'm not look fat, but I'm always watching my weigh. when I'm on diet, my husband always advise me to don't get very skinny, cause he likes curves.

  • fernanda

    I'm brazilian and in my country this kind of bikinis are very normal, even for girls without a perfect shape. I also agree that she's look nice and happy :)

  • omgwtf

    Bad pose. Makes her legs look like she's a legal midget.

  • fluffanater

    men want curves not bones, i show off my curves a lot too. women with meat are in, you have seen the new manikins with asses right?! skinny is ok, but curvy is sexy.

  • nire86

    I don't know why, but this just looks so nasty to me..I mean seriously, if you got a body that's ok. But don't be exposing yourself like that. Like where is your self respect as a female. Females like her that give WOMEN like me a bad name.

  • Coco

    That is the grossest thing I have seen all day, and I always examine my bowel movements.

  • Whoopsie

    Hehehe, her boobs are giving her shade to her lower half of her body...



  • pak31

    How does she look real??? She looks huge and uncomfortable. Her breasts and thighs are humongous. How is that attractive? We don't all need to be slim and petite but there is no reason your thighs have to be that massive.

  • Hillary

    Ok.. I think it is gross that she has on a bikini that is only fit for a porno and not public, obviously she doesn't respect herself, but i'm confused on why people are calling her a hippo, she looks like she's in great shape and her thighs are a little thick because of muscle not fat.

  • Keith

    From the top up, great, but from the waist down, would someone please call Jennie Craig on her PLEASE!!!! Thunder thighs from hell & needs to lose 20 lbs. of fat from her ass & thighs!!

  • Trey

    as a man, showing skin is hot. ok, she's taken her body to the point of absurd proportions, and will not look great 20 years down the line. but right now, she is most definitely not eww. and ladies are just jealous for saying that, cause men would be all up in that.

  • Kat

    I don't care about her's fine. But her breasts! They make her look gross. They say confidence is sexy, and I agree, but she looks confident here...and still disgusting.

  • sahil

    style is so hot and sexy i like this

  • SnooperGirl

    Yes, but we're not saying eww to her body, we're saying eww to her bikini revealing soo much! you could be a size 6 model and no-one would want to see ur ass or tits on show for everyone to see, especially it your a celebrity, that just makes it worse

  • David Drummond
    David Drummond

    It Looks to me like her snatch ate the Front Of Her Bathing Suit

  • William

    Curvy is Sexy No one should wear a zero there is nothing sexy about that. Scrawny is just that scrawny there was a time a woman wanted a figure now its skinny emanciated. There is nothing attractive about a bag of bones men want something soft. Take notes that is one fine woman

  • jerseyboyfrom sarasota
    jerseyboyfrom sarasota

    oh my god we have them on the west coast of fla we call them Manatees' why do you put pic like this out their,, common roll it back in the water before it dies,, ice tea,, f--n loser

  • jerseyboyfrom sarasota
    jerseyboyfrom sarasota

    Oh my god we have them on the westcoast of fla wecall them manatee's, comon why show that??

  • Michelle

    I'm a very straight woman who thinks she looks great. I think she looks like a real woman. She should be proud. I wish I had the courage that she has. I wish all of you people who keep saying awful things would shut the fuck up. Have some respect for a fellow woman. We should compliment ALL women, and all sorts of women.

  • Nika Rosandić
    Nika Rosandić


  • anx

    Ooooh God, That is sssooo gross :(.

  • Luna

    Looks like a super stripper with way too much plastic surgery. I love woman, but the huge fake ass and titties is a bit overboard. She might pop if touched.

  • jerry

    are you Kiki from Bison N.Dakota?? jerry

  • Michy Martinez
    Michy Martinez

    Come on she is beautiful i am not gay or bisexual but i think she is beautiful who ever doesn't like it, then don't watch the photos!!

  • Bull Jones
    Bull Jones

    Beautiful? Yes. Sexy? Certainly. Good taste? No. I am glad, though, that here is a real woman with 'real' woman curves who is catching the public eye. While your mileage may vary, I prefer a healthy woman over these 'stick figure' types that Hollywood sells as "perfect" women. Still not my idea of perfection. I just don't care for blondes...

  • Arturu

    Why so many gays, flatties, and fatties knocking on this hottie? The litmus test is simple: does a straight man, such as myself, get the wood when looking at this woman in such attire? Um, quick check says yes, lumber present.

  • Red

    Damn! That's gross!

  • natachanal

    she is a disgust

  • dd3

    her face actually isn't that pretty

  • EW.

    Shes not sexy or beautiful here. Everything is HANGING OUT. Its gross. And shes all wrinkly.

  • team coco
    team coco

    i totally agree with you. it's disgusting that there are so many females hating on her for no reason. coco is very confident in her skin and clearly doesn't care what anyone thinks. she works hard to keep her body in shape and she's proud of it. she's a perfect example that you don't have to look like a tooth pick to be beautiful.

  • team coco
    team coco

    what is gross is your reaction to a clearly sexy and beautiful woman. what are u gay? i wonder how you look like. i bet you don't look like brad pitt. more like his hairy armpit.

  • team coco
    team coco

    ur an idiot. she's clearly waxed. look at the other pics. she has no hair. that first pic is just a bad angle and shadow. get your head out of your ass and stop being a follower and a hater. jealousy is an ugly monster.

  • Bridabee Skittles
    Bridabee Skittles

    That shit is nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I barfed! Why is she so blehhhhhhhhh

  • rrb15

    why didnt she just go nude? shes letting it all hang out in the open anyway...

  • Jesse

    She´s gorgeous!, her body is a masterpiece of female beauty!. A galore of pleasure to see this pictures.

  • Jesse

    She´s gourgeous!, her body is a masterpiece of female beauty!. A galore of pleasure to see this pictures.

  • lolorox123

    or a hippo!

  • love

    i'd bang her!

  • Aakash

    she has greate shap of body god has given too much time to shap her figure

  • dbcooper

    Work it baby.

  • ksouth

    Looks like a manatee squeezed into a child's bikini

  • vanessa


  • Emre Karaman
    Emre Karaman

    ohhhhh yeahhhh

  • 13year old grl srfing the net
    13year old grl srfing the net

    somebody call an ambulance i just puked up my entire stomach.

  • Angela Williams
    Angela Williams

    I am all for a woman who works out and takes care of her body, but really CoCo? Something just doesn't look quite right.....

  • Amani

    She might think she's the hottest woman on earth, but to be honest, she looks like Jessica Rabbit, but faker, she also looks like a hippo and those implants look disgusting, her legs are like turkey legs and I've never seen breasts like those 'BREASTS'. Gosh, she needs a reality check. Amani_x

  • jaw

    Someone needs to drop a few LB's, quite a few in fact.

  • Find Stylists
    Find Stylists

    Wow. Someone seems to do or wear anything to get attention...I don't think she if fat though, just the small bikini makes her look that way.

  • Obama

    "That" would swallow you up whole!! You would need to tie a rope around you legs just to get you back out! LMFAO

  • Obama

    I just threw up in my mouth. What a heifer Nasty big. I would not screw that with my dogs dick!.

  • Keyhé Delsink
    Keyhé Delsink

    Center of gravity...

  • Jazmin Gomo
    Jazmin Gomo

    lol @ spelling police.

  • besarta

    it's a sexy elephant?

  • rockstarcomic

    Is she a retired stripper? Me thinks so.

  • monn

    SWEET JESUS!! does she even have a big mirror? she looks like a roasted turkey!!! this woman is simply desperated

  • bolang


  • Ring

    I would hit that

  • JCo


  • bart

    Ela esta doidinha pra dar umazinha huuu levantando essa bunda gostosa huuu

  • peteyorn

    She's NOT "confortable with her body". She has implants out the wazoo and wants to porn us all out. IT'S GROSS and unnatural.

  • andy

    i wud hit tht anytime

  • tedz

    omfg she makes me so hard

  • loverdass


  • Ike Ashley
    Ike Ashley

    just give me one hour with her.. i'l surely change her geography AMENBROTHER!

  • lisa bodminn
    lisa bodminn

    I can almost feel her nipple in my mouth! She make my imagination go into over drive. love her for being so bold.

  • Antman

    Only other women think she's gross! Most men, myself included, think she's HOT and would LOVE to bang her!

  • David Edwards
    David Edwards

    "Build Like A Brick sh*t House" "Thick" A lot of woman: Not for punks and skinny, titless, broads.

  • MansPresley

    wooooooooow shes a sex object. i wanna f*ck her so bad

  • leafs

    ditto, man. *gags*

  • hotsync

    Oh my God! How gross! Proves that some things should be COVERED!

  • mchudi91 xx
    mchudi91 xx

    I wouldn't call her an elephant, but I just wonder why she has done this to herself. She could be so beautiful if she left more to the imagination. i couldnt agree with you more.....she could have had alot of potential if she'd let nature take its course rather than overdo it on plastic she just looks monsterous with her oversized boobs n buttocks. not to mention, very unclassy!!

  • mchudi91 xx
    mchudi91 xx

    I wouldn't call her an elephant, but I just wonder why she has done this to herself. She could be so beautiful if she left more to the imagination. i couldnt agree with you more.....she could have had alot of potential if she'd let nature take its course rather than overdo it on plastic she just looks monsterous with her oversized boobs n buttocks. not to mention, very unclassy!!

  • mchudi91 xx
    mchudi91 xx

    I wouldn't call her an elephant, but I just wonder why she has done this to herself. She could be so beautiful if she left more to the imagination. i couldnt agree with you more.....she could have had alot of potential if she'd let nature take its course rather than overdo it on plastic she just looks monsterous with her oversized boobs n buttocks. not to mention, very unclassy!!

  • US_DOJ_Gov

    She needs to shave her Peach-Pie if she's gonna wear something that skimpy.

  • moonwalk

    she look like a dancing hippo

  • steve

    disusting !!!!!!!!!! who the hell is she ???

  • alexandra

    Somebody call PETA...There's a wale on the shore!!!

  • p

    shes discusting and needs some clothing. i dnt know any man could get turned on by that? yuck!

  • who cares
    who cares

    wtf.......she is really showing her age now. You think it looked bad when Ice-T kept his ponytail and receeding hairline this is worse. This bikini should go in a picture frame where her small body is! lol

  • spelling police
    spelling police

    omfg does this bitch ever where clothes? "wear"

  • B-boy

    I would do her any day of the week and any which way...

  • cheech

    wow are those legs or tree trunks? they're freakin' huge!

  • Carmen

    Her face is pretty, THAT'S ABOUT IT!!!!

  • craig

    OMG Ugly girl and gross gross gross ! thanks photoshop lol in fact she's a shemale lol hahahaha

  • Dina

    Wow nice boobs

  • Lisa G.
    Lisa G.

    Really, Coco??? I think we all that this chick is a total and complete fame whore, but couldn't she just for once try having the tiniest bit of class and decorum? Seriously, in every, single picture you ever see of this skank, her clothes look like they're about to rip because they are always 4 sizes too small for her, and she's constantly posing and sticking her boobs and butt out as far as possible, as if she's in a Penthouse photo shoot. And as much as I don't want to even admit that I looked and saw this- she's wearing her bikini bottoms so tight that the folds of her umm......"kitty-cat" are kind of folded out around the bikini, like a muffin top does with a pair of jeans. That's not only disgustingly hideous, but it looks painful! I mean, if her whole thing was to be about having a fun day at the beach, why wear a suit that's going to cut off the blood flow to her crotch, and ride up her a$$ so far that you can't even see it anymore? Of all the "D" List celebrities out in Hollywood, Coco is most in need of an emergency stylist. She has the worst taste ever, and she looks like a prostitute in every picture you ever see of her. How proud her family must be of her. Yikes.

  • sspp78

    her thighs. :&

  • nick

    its an average sized bikini... just doesn't look that way lmao

  • Rad Alger Yakoubi
    Rad Alger Yakoubi

    I set her a real star ETAR sexy set for beach lol


    LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHHAHAHAHA!

  • cynthia

    Interesting how all the jealous women cut her down. i'm a woman and i think she's got one hot bod! CURVACIOUS!!! Granted...her bikini's a bit small but if you've got it, flaunt it! She's just diggin' the waves and...she's not fat. If anything she's got a tiny waist and is muscular. Just because she's not Hollywood bony thin doesn't translate to fat. She's all woman.

  • q3jt0j2v

    gross gross gross.......hahah look how she is posing for the paparazzi thinking she is the hottest thing ever. it is so disgusting, this person is SO insecure

  • lu

    ooooooohhhhh my eyes!!!!!

  • RIC

    SUCK MY c*ck!

  • tashak

    omfg does this bitch ever where clothes?

  • i-like-to-be-mean-hehe

    ew gross we see through her bikini

  • ashlyn

    Stop hating on people...she's comfortable with her bosy..and thats whats beautiful...

  • @paco_wolf

    admit it she's hot

  • PW

    I wouldn't call her an elephant, but I just wonder why she has done this to herself. She could be so beautiful if she left more to the imagination.

  • MiMi

    She really looks different inperson then in her photoshopped pictures..In pro pix shes much smaller in the waist inperson shes thicker

  • kiki

    an elephant !

  • paul

    just give me one hour with her.. i'l surely change her geography

  • omarion91

    gross, really gross!

  • Aisha