Coco and Her Teeny Bikini

  • Coco and Her Teeny Bikini
Ice-T's wife Nicole "Coco" Austin is seen in Miami Beach, Florida on June 27, 2010.
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  • dan

    What an ugly cow!

  • dan

    What a cow!!!

  • Nonayurbuzness

    Her implants look like they are about to burst. They look hard as a rock. She probably cant even lay on her chest without worrying that they will explode. You couldnt pay me to have those fake looking soccer balls for tits.

  • geri

    come on ladies, she does many a favor, she has side rolls, back fat and cellulite, no matter what she did to enhance her breast, and I have to believe had butt implants as anyone who has a gluteals that round and tight by working out would not have the rolls, back fat and cellulite, other than that she is all natural, I love a man who loves a woman with curves, makes me appreciate my natural ones, as does my man

  • Balumuca

    O.M.G! She´s so hot and preety.

  • What Up
    What Up

    I don't care how hot she is, a bathing suit that small on anyone is extremely unattractive! Gross

  • Mmmmair

    I love it how plenty of women have tits that big, and yet everyone is hating on her cos she's got fake ones. I would love to have fake tits, nice and firm, would be able to wear a bikini without my tits around my knees, it would be great!

  • DJ

    They don't call it "plastic" surgery for nothing!! If her body was real there would be no reason to "hate" on her. But to make a choice to do this to your body? Also, why do men want to suck on a plastic silicone bag?

  • bis

    She's fine super fine and yes i would in a heart beat

  • LiFesWhAtuMaKeiT

    so funny y dnt u no the facts be4 u talk shit mia is full of nude beaches!!

  • LiFesWhAtuMaKeiT

    its funny seeing as she is drop dead gorgeous fake or not she doin her thing n lovin life ...more then what most of us can say!! stop hatin :)

  • Akbar Jesus Reymundo
    Akbar Jesus Reymundo

    Too bad she didn't Tweet a pic sitting on the pot!

  • Jermey

    dont hate just cuz you aint her!

  • Marta

    I like her, but i think she is tryingo too much, with this boobs and ass like mount everest like she is a tranny and make sure that nobody knows that But i still love her.

  • Dana Al-faraj
    Dana Al-faraj

    Obviously she looks absalutely completely rediculous.. But you lot should CHILL with the hating... Obviously girls are so jelouse of how much men would want to do her breasts lol.. Relax be confident... Hate is a strong word :)

  • GIGI

    uhhhh, does she not see that she needs a bigger size.

  • chazz4jazz

    Those without SIN throw the first stone ... Jesus Loves Her and he will have the final say not you or me !! look in the mirror if you can stand yourself for one second.

  • oiucfdwcfhyo

    bitch if ur gonna wear something that small then just wear nothing at all...ur already making enough people puke with ur fake ass body

  • misterknowitall

    she's so hot!!! Quit hatin on the booty!

  • Maybe

    She may have been at the nudist beach in Miami.

  • Tee

    reminds me of Anna nicole Smith

  • 13yearoldgrlsrfingthenet

    i would totally agree with you except that barbies are usually skinny

  • enrique salinas
    enrique salinas

    You are a DOLL God bless you

  • big tnt
    big tnt

    i want my wife too play wiyh those

  • margaret

    omg what an ugly butt!

  • emily

    attention seeking whoree? :)

  • bart

    muita gostoza boa mesmo tem uma bundinha que é so o ouro huuuu

  • Ian

    Hell, put a sack over her head and just bobble those boobies in my face. I'd explode out of control in one minute, andgrab and suck em dry.

  • Ian

    I wanna gnaw on those huge orbs, and hump her big soft buns hard and fast for, like, 3 hours.

  • Barbara Bradford
    Barbara Bradford

    Why? Why not just go to a nudist beach? If being an exhibitionist is her thing without consideration to the kids or even adults on that strip of sand and yes there are actually people who are particulary not interested in looking, why is it her right to bare it all in a public beach? This gal is all about her, no depth, no soul, but because of that she won' t even get what I am saying.

  • danielle

    it looks like two big water balloons who are going to explode

  • loopoo

    jesus christ man it just looks ott

  • Dolci

    omg !!