Coco Bikinis in NJ with Husband Ice T

  • Coco Bikinis in NJ with Husband Ice T
Reality TV star Coco enjoys a stroll on beach with her husband Ice T and their two English bulldogs, Spartacus and Maximus on April 28, 2012 in Asbury Park, NJ.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • DKK

    I agree with you & she is gorgeous!

  • DKK

    Don't disrespect Coco like that. She is awesome!

  • Friinge Iméèn
    Friinge Iméèn

    She shouldn't be Starting not a reality exotic Porno movie Suit her better ! --'

  • Damn!

    I guess now we know where that book came from...

  • big_dick

    i wouild fuck that ass soo hard

  • jaylenekay

    i love her, she is actually very smart business wise... she is a tribute to all women...for real, she may be rich but she is so business minded to reality.....come on girls...reality is she is like us, and she doesn't pretend to be anything different... we love her!!!! family included in that opinion!

  • alex

    I guess her ass swallowed her "bikini"

  • Constance Payne
    Constance Payne

    At least she has a book in her hand....

  • hihu

    eeeeeeeeeeeeew :'(

  • Lynn Deese
    Lynn Deese

    I'm sure it depends on who is looking as to whether its too much or not.

  • Randee Renee Butcher
    Randee Renee Butcher

    I LOVE Coco, but seriously.....that is WAYYYYYYYY too much ass. And NOT in a good way