Coco Goes Wild with Leopard Print Bikini

  • Coco Goes Wild with Leopard Print Bikini
Coco flaunts her bikini bod in Miami Beach, FL on November 5, 2011.
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  • Evelyn

    Coco this is not one of your best, but then again you probably don't give a you know what, right? Make sure you don't' have lines showing like on this pic, or tighten those thighs to get rid of those dimples honey, but on in all, girl I love you, you making the money and you living it up. Do you!

  • facebook-auto-user-100002409815190

    If you look hard enough its pretty apparent that she has butt injection scars in the crease where her lower butt meets her thigh...this isn't the only beach photo you can see this in the others she has bruises she doesn't have butt implants so her going on tv to prove that is a joke, but that doesn't disprove that she doesn't have her own body fat injected into her ass...

  • Maria

    she says she has never gotten butt implants.. seriously take it from someone who has had surgery.. her scars are so obvious... why would she deny it? :|

  • コーヒー

    I'd change my name to Ice-T if I had to look at that sorry ass everyday!

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    That is one fat disgusting ass.

  • G. Mibalzitch
    G. Mibalzitch

    Eww....What a repulsive skank! Wow, I haven't seen that much cottage cheese since the last Weight Watchers convention! Wonder when the World Wildlife Foundation will show up to push her back into the sea!

  • sublime

    That is a pose she should nver, ever do with a bikini. that is one big asszz

  • callievincigrl

    My eyes just receded into my skull. She look like she is havin a helluva time tryin to swing that body around. Chonky. I am not hatin on curvaceous...just when curvaceous looks all dimpled and FAKE like this (Houston, we DO have a problem)...not a good look! Her gigundo boobs look like they are suffocating her heart. And what the hell is up with her BUTT?? Can you say Wrinkled-stiltskin? And the silly pose? Chile, that is NAWT hot. If lookin a hot mess is a pre-requisite to fame...then I will gladly remain unfamous forevaaar.

  • callievincigrl

    Ahahahahahahahahaha...this one-simple-phrase made me laugh til I had tears...WOW

  • justaguy

    This may be the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen! EWWW

  • Nikki

    Dang, I know she works out & the backs of my thighs probably don't look as smooth as hers... The skin near her knees is dimpled so you can see where she's had fillers injected/implants on her bum. The only parts of her that are smooth are her breasts and butt cheeks, they totally scream 'fake'! I try to not be judgmental of Coco, she is pretty but when pics like surface...she must love herself to pose like this. I would die of embarrassment before I'd bend on all fours in the surf for strangers...or even my man!

  • Annie Bella
    Annie Bella

    wow, she must be really proud of this one. I think I just threw up in my mouth. :<O

  • dk

    no, it's shake what the doctor gave ya!

  • Anon

    I'd take Kim K any day at least she doesn't let people know a day ahead that she's going to the beach and starts posing for pics like she's in a photo shoot for paps.

  • Iulian

    I think Liz is right.

  • danielleakame

    oh my. im surprised she let them keep this one! not her best look. but shake what yo momma gave ya right?

  • sam3

    Her ass ain't cellulite they are nice and the leopard print bikini she got on is really nice and also her ass is nice and Kim Kardashian and also Jennifer Lopez can't beat that ass she got!!!

  • Nname


  • tessness

    I don't think she has implants except for her breasts. She just eats way to many Cheeto's and pork and....rappers.

  • tessness

    Wow. That's pretty horrible.

  • Liz

    You can see where they inserted her butt implants.

  • jamie


  • courtneybaaaby

    oh god, put your cellulite ass away.