Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini

  • Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini
Nicole 'Coco' Austin from E! tv's 'Ice Loves Coco' at the beach in a white bikini with pink piping in Miami on July 19, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • Dat Bronx Kid
    Dat Bronx Kid

    Goddamn i just want to bust a nuge nut on them cheeks GIMME GIMME

  • Nora

    theres literlly no point of the swimsuit

  • piper

    Leave the racial stereotypes to yourself. We all have a right to speak our mind, as do you, without personal attacks. Her ass is just too big, and not attractive at all (my opinion). Fake isn't pretty.

  • Krista

    Seriously...WTF is wrong with you? She's thick! Yes her boobs are what. She has a pimple on her ass... who cares! I'm sure you've had one before!!!

  • Get real white boy
    Get real white boy

    Disco, she is built for a grown man. Sorry she's not built like a 12 year old boy like the girls you are pulling. Of course I am assuming that you get off the computer long enough to actually meet person. Don't be scared of the T&A. What is wrong with you?

  • Get real white boy
    Get real white boy

    Tatts, you have flat Asian booty, don't you? You are hating on this woman a little too hard. You sound jealous!

  • Disco

    Nasty!! She has a zit on the huge can of hers! Please, cover yourself up you repulsive plasitc skank!

  • tatts09

    she's going to get sued by the beach goers if she does not cover up them's eating up all the sand...don't be selfish coco,leave some sand for the kids...

  • Zorica Karaklic-Jokanovic
    Zorica Karaklic-Jokanovic

    She is sooo hot and sexy...

  • James

    I wouldn't want this ass in my bed.

  • Noah

    My eyes will never be the same after looking at this.