Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini

  • Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini
Nicole 'Coco' Austin from E! tv's 'Ice Loves Coco' at the beach in a white bikini with pink piping in Miami on July 19, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • orangesky

    A woman is supposed to have two silicone sacs filled with saline surgically inserted into her chest? Is that really the ideal for female beauty? The huge red zit on her butt & short, stumpy legs aren't making a case for her beauty either. She looks like a lumpy, plastic behemoth, not a "woman".

  • Purrlady

    I don't think she's fat, but definitely has a hard chin. Looks a little manly in the face. Not sure why her face looks so masculine.

  • Bob Estepp
    Bob Estepp

    Ladies and gentlemen,that is what a female body is supposed to look like- Lots and lots of curves!

  • Krista

    Just where do you see fat??? What are you 12?

  • Slaid

    Nice implants, better cover up the scars .....she is a bit huge and it is not just the camera....

  • Disco

    Nasty!! She has a zit on the huge can of hers! Please, cover yourself up you repulsive plasitc skank!

  • gofer

    That is one fat ugly beach whale. Is that what she is famous for? I've never heard of her but I am sure I would hear her coming down the hallway of whatever pay by the hour hotel she works in.

  • Christy Roda Dalnas