Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini

  • Coco in a Pretty Little Pink Bikini
Nicole 'Coco' Austin from E! tv's 'Ice Loves Coco' at the beach in a white bikini with pink piping in Miami on July 19, 2011.
Source: Splash News
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  • Tyler

    Yep, NIP SLIP.

  • Allen Whitt
    Allen Whitt

    Yep. Penis still taped up.

  • Rica

    anyone else think her sitting in the position makes her leg look weird ??

  • Ashok Lama
    Ashok Lama

    I was fizix and glamer

  • G. Mibalzitch
    G. Mibalzitch

    Wonder what is crawling around in there. What a repulsive skank!

  • Kathy Mama-Dukes
    Kathy Mama-Dukes

    She is a beautiful woman with a great figure...only I see her weaing suit that would accentuate her figure and look a whole lot sexier. I would love her to wear one of my designs... In the meantime, I love her & Ice T's show. My only worry is their relationship may suffer due to the show many previous reality couples have. I hope they stay strong!

  • tatts09

    i just puked a little in my mouth...thank you zeewaker.

  • Seabreeezy

    I guess what people find attractive is different for everyone, so I try not to get into that side of things. But when things look totally weird, then I wonder why they choose to wear things that make it more obvious. In the photo where she is half sitting up with her hand behind her head, the breast on the left from our viewpoint has got something WRONG going on. I guess it could be an odd shadow, but it really looks like the fake part doesn't sit or hang right if she is not in a totally vertical position. Some kind of double lump thing going on. Now if you get a bad boob job, then so be it, but IF you do, why wear things that show the massive flaw to the world?

  • zeewaker

    Guess no one noticed a little bit of areola peeking out....

  • jerseyliciousgirl

    watcha doin down there