Coco Wears Zebra Print String Bikini

  • Coco Wears Zebra Print String Bikini
Reality Star Coco flaunts her curves in a tiny zebra print string bikini as she relaxes with her dogs and a book in Asbury Park, NJ in late April, 2012.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • davis

    well put gruber!!

  • gruber

    That is one of the most disturbing photos I've ever seen. Who on earth told her she was sexy??? What a fat pig. She's probably just like every other fatty out there, lost 3 lbs and thinks she can stuff all that into a bikini. Meanwhile she's about 200lbs. She looks like a fat Christmas ham. Why is it all the girls who look great have hang-ups about their weight and the fat ones think they're fucking models?