Controversial Celebrity Relatives

  • Controversial Celebrity Relatives
With fame and fortune, mother-daughter relationships can meet ruin. And that's exactly what happen to Leighton Meester. After giving her mother Constance Meester the boot as her manager, the 'Gossip Girl' star found herself in the midst of a brutal court battle. Not only did her mom — who gave birth to her while serving time in a federal prison for a drug smuggling conviction — sue for $3 million, she claimed the actress “hit her with a bottle.” A judge later ruled Leighton didn’t owe her money-grubbing mother a cent.
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  • Deena

    So sad...I mean mom is the most precious and important thing in life. It makes me sad thinking that Leighton, who is a very nice person, could have such a horrible experience with her mom. Hope they reconcile soon :)