Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous

  • Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous
Collect photos of controversial singer Courtney Stodden taken before she became famous.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Nur

    I have taken large amounts of viimtans since I was 16 years old. At 37 I had a sonogram of my heart and aorta etc done the technician told me i had the cleanest heart and surrounding vessels she had ever seen mind you, my diet for the previous 15+ years had been 80% fast food or processed food..i was 100 pounds overweight..ate a lot of eggs and meat..Kind of odd as I expected to have some build up considering my diet and that I never exercised.

  • Ephebophilologist

    To be fair, Brooke Shields was also attractive (and appeared mature for her age) when she was 12. However, her mother Teri was very careful to groom Brooke's image as she grew up. Brooke's raciest "scandals" — the Calvin Klein jeans ad and her role in the movie Endless Love — are quite tame relative to Ms Stodden-Hutchinson's demeanor in the faux-pas-razzi shots we see on this and other websites.

  • brandon

    seriously, she's a total whack job and freak.....but I would DESTROY that....when she's 18, of course....ahem.

  • Penelope Clearwater
    Penelope Clearwater

    no we won't...

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    She looked way better before, now she looks like there is something really wrong with her fake self. jeez just admit that your fake and we will respect you more...