Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous

  • Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous
Collect photos of controversial singer Courtney Stodden taken before she became famous.
Source: GSI Media
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  • chumlee

    guess you didnt watch the tv when they were on some show or another cos they did an ultra sound test and proved her boobs were real and really you cant blame the parents as i have met ppl who have bad parents and are really nice interesting people really you just have her to blame

  • AH

    I don't even know what to say except we should stop giving these people the attention they want. All anyone is doing is saying how rediculous they are. We should be trying to figure out how to stop this from ever happening again.

  • Jane

    Her parents should be ashamed of themselves. Oh wait! They're making bucks off her. Can someone say Lindsay Lohan? Selfish pigs....poor girl...

  • thejadedentrepreneur

    Daddy was priming her right for her future porn career. This girl's parents are as bad or worse that Dina and Michael Lohan and should be arrested. Seriously, where the hell are the police?

  • sheri

    not exactly typical poses for a 12 year old. Who took these photos? Her parents must be nuts. She must have been 14 when he got her breast implants which only her parents could have allowed. I feel sorry for this girl.

  • courtneybaaby

    now this is where she started to be the slut she is today.