Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous

  • Courtney Stodden Before She Was Famous
Collect photos of controversial singer Courtney Stodden taken before she became famous.
Source: GSI Media
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  • emo

    Its a shame, she was such a cute and normal looking girl before she turned into a slut...

  • anonymous

    how did her boobs get from that small buns to now??and she said she didn't had surgery.funny much?

  • Bilel Xbilel
    Bilel Xbilel

    I knew there just joke okay Debra. I know who's dog is lost maybe at dog pound

  • courtneybaaby

    lol and she reckons shes had no surgery HAHA

  • Cara

    gosh she is really messed up in the head if she was such a beautiful girl before and now turned up to be a walking plastic and joke in HW. This is what a false desire for fame would do to you. I hope child welfare are looking at cases like this. There is definitely some negligence of parents that contributed to this freak show.