Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson

  • Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson look very happy as they spent the day at a resort north of Los Angeles on September 29, 2011.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Elizabeth Jones Wilson
    Elizabeth Jones Wilson

    Technically you should be jailed for plain stupid. Ignorance can be fixed, stupid is forever. Get a grip. You are out numbered on this issue, I see it too, and according to LAW, this is child pornography. Try reading a book educating yourself before spouting off at the mouth. THING before speaking, it will help you in the long run.

  • Elizabeth Jones Wilson
    Elizabeth Jones Wilson

    I must agree with the other two. She is too young for this, and looks MUCH older than 17. There is no need for name calling, didn't your mother teach you any manners? Also, you can clearly see this is a MAJOR push up bra, and she has CERTAINLY had implants...just another lie to add. What a fake she is!

  • jessie

    I wonder if her husband thinks all that padding is actually her boobs...

  • M

    Lady Gaga!!

  • SickOfMorons

    Simmer down moron.

  • SickOfMorons

    Technically you should be jailed for criminal stupidity.

  • SickOfMorons

    You morons crying "child porn" are so F'Ning sad. What you're doing is comparing a freaking 17yo (If she truly is only 17) with a tit out to a nude 5yo. Yet you're too dumb to see the difference. Idiots.

  • Phoebe

    What kills me is the obvious contouring of her abs.

  • Johnell Schooley
    Johnell Schooley

    This is technically child pornography! Her NIPPLE is clearly visible and I'm not the only person to say so. So, it shouldn't be up here.

  • colyme

    she might try getting a waredrobe assistant to dress her. her top is way too big. she looks like a fool playing dress up.

  • Dave

    Looks like a nip is trying to peek out...

  • Meeee

    Does anyone really believe this chick is only 17? She has the face of a 45 year old.

  • Crinks

    which idiot wears heels to the beach?? so unfun..

  • meow

    um i can see her nipple.

  • coperyan

    Isn't this bad to show a picture where her nipple is showing since she is only like 16 or 17?

  • Jen

    This is the weirdest pose I have ever seen. And her boob is not even trying to fit into that top. AND THE SPRAY TAN, WTF. Just no, a world of no. She'd probably be cute if she didn't that.

  • Cyn Knight
    Cyn Knight

    go look @ gwen stefani -- she looks 900% better and is more than double this chick's age! happy 42nd bday gwen! chicks in their 40s rock it!

  • Cyn Knight
    Cyn Knight

    she is 17? she looks busted for someone SO young!

  • mary

    ewwwww,, Nipple!!!

  • ohoohoh

    eww i can see her nipple. and whats on her arm?? like its weird. and who took this perfesional picture of her

  • AlaBella

    And the way it's standing on its own, leaves little doubt about their natural state (or lack thereof)

  • Jessica Miller
    Jessica Miller

    yeah you can see the size of her boob and tell thats a major push up bra

  • kamiluccha

    her boob is exposing...