Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson

  • Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson look very happy as they spent the day at a resort north of Los Angeles on September 29, 2011.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Jana

    I believe that bikini top is actually a crazy push up bra. I mean seriously, why hurt your reputation with wearing a normal top, and having normal, real breasts? *Rolls Eyes* And i find it funny that her boobs are only in the top half. One heck of a hooker push up! (and no, Im absolutely NOT jealous of that, please.) Also, she shouldnt wear a white bra- you can see the spray tan rubbing off on the straps. Secrets out! Whatever happened to class?

  • M

    Who cares how Leann Rimes abs look like.... that woman has the word wh*re written all over after cheating her husband and I think thats worst that some padding inside a bra.

  • M

    Erm... Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga.

  • Ina

    Ok MEN you really need a reality check. Her boobs are prolly real but not at all as big as you think. I was a DD when I was 15 so YES it's possible. Other than that she's just skinny without any muscle definition. Look at Leann Rimes who has real abs! This is an average looking teen with so much padding in her bra she could fall to ground from the weight of it and a ton of makeup and a sleezy husband.

  • Jon

    as a photographer, I admit I am taken by her modelesque curves, real or not. but all the additional tacky is simply horrid. the fake-tanned abs, stripper heels, bad location choice, horrible expression, over-done makeup (which can be artistic, but not at the beach). no 16/17 year old has this body, definitely a 20-something. font choice of Comic Sans may have been cool back in junior high, but on someone's birth certificate?! hahaha what a joke at least the guy had a decent camera...

  • Sarah.B


  • Common Sense
    Common Sense

    Reminds me of Heidi & Spencer and look were they got lol broke and the world could careless. Only in this case it's creepier on so many levels & tragically sad. Only thing sadder is obama's failed presidency and his fanatasy of reelection. Its idiots like these as to why the world is in the toilet thinking you can be instant celebrities let alone rich even if your good looking just by hoing yourself.

  • doug

    its not meant to be real , its a stage event to show her off, she is trying to be the next hiedi or kardashian! lets wait for the sex tape. she looks pretty sexy to me...

  • kewlgirl

    her face is like a witch!

  • Karolina

    It's hilarious how posed every picture is!! And this beach is ugly.

  • kayjay

    uhm, fake tanned six packs, all heeled up to the BEACH with make up too much for even a photoshoot and looking at the cam in the most POSED way EVER. Yeah, just "casually" hanging out at the beach...sure...sure..... cuz we were all born yesterday

  • Caitlin Lyons
    Caitlin Lyons

    It's Oxnard, Ca

  • jennyjazz

    I know! Its like the sand is as fake as her chest!

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    OMG what an opportunistic pig. I'm sure this is supposed to look like a casual, spontaneous romp on the beach but seriously honey, who are you kidding. Heels to the beach? What a dumbass....

  • Quake_the_Greater

    Who wears high heels to the beach? And where do you find sand hard enough to stand like this?