Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson

  • Courtney Stodden Flaunts Bikini Body in LA with Husband Doug Hutchinson
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson look very happy as they spent the day at a resort north of Los Angeles on September 29, 2011.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Guest

    I noticed the fake, spray-on abs first too, and then the full-body, spray-on tan about a millisecond later. Looks like they weren't thrown out of the pumpkin patch quick enough because the orange really stuck to her. Her knees and elbows look nasty. But her hubby/agent/pimp could use some color--any color other than paste white! This girl has ruined any chance for anyone to take her seriously, ever. Her parents should be thrown in jail!!

  • jj92

    they look so poor

  • swag25


  • swag25

    WOW !!! hit looks like he's gonna eat her

  • Sarah.B

    There`s a BIG difference,Kendra was and is an ADULT!

  • The Enemy
    The Enemy

    i'm just glad to see two people really found eachother. not for the money or fame. but for love. true love. hahahahahahah oh i crack myself up.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    I think I just threw up in my mouth....

  • guest

    HEY KENDRA !!!! it worked for her. YUK, but she got a show from doing Old Geezer Hef !

  • guest

    GOD ! You're right ,went back to photo ! Hysterical here ! Too much,how STUPID can people be? Please MTV DON'T give this duo a reality show,this would be worse than Heidi & Spencer !

  • guest

    No ,are they REALLY ?? Seriously ? Are you being catty,or are they?Just looked like MANY situps to me.

  • guest

    YEP ! Jo is right. Saw her interviewed, dumber than Kim K. Can't put a sentence together,and ooohs and licks her lips ,has studied Marilyn. She got an F-

  • guest

    Does he even have money? Looks to me he is pimping this silicone CHILD around trying to get some money ! (bet she paid for those boobs w/babysitting savings!) Shame on him !

  • dafish11

    how old is she agian....?

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    I'm STILL cracking up with her sprayed tan painted on abs. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elizabeth Osota
    Elizabeth Osota

    Am i the oly one that noticed that she is wearing make-up and heels on the BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jo

    nope she's a teen. go on youtube and you will see her in teen pageants from last year and this year. hard to believe, i know! :)

  • Mama

    Nice air brush abs.

  • Koby Lee 'Kobz' Marshall
    Koby Lee 'Kobz' Marshall

    She is totally in her early 40s at the most, the arms are a dead giveaway. what a freggen sick couple they are. heels to the beach?? puuuuhhhllleeeesss! I seriously want to vomit. yuk.

  • Karolina

    There is just NO WAY she is 17!!!?? I've never in my life seen a 17 year old look 40. So weird..

  • Amanda Chiu
    Amanda Chiu

    I just threw up a little.....thanks alot skank and old guy :(

  • Brandis Riddle
    Brandis Riddle

    publicity stunt trying to prove she really "loves" him and not his money...what 17 year old would wanna be with a man this old....this is disgusting

  • kamiluccha