Courtney Stodden Gets Into the Christmas Spirit With Nude Photo Shoot

  • Courtney Stodden Gets Into the Christmas Spirit With Nude Photo Shoot
Teen bride Courtney Stodden covers up with some strategically placed Christmas presents during a December 2012 photo shoot in Los Angeles.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • Gina

    What the girl is marketing is an over inflated and padded bra. Check out the scale of her hand and the snow covered part in this photo (snow falling from hand). She is no more than a "B" cup but has a lot of padding on her custom bras. She is marketing a body part that isn't even real. Worse yet, if it was real she would be marketing a body part rather than a human being of substance and value outside the soft inflatable body parts men want. Toss'em the pads and a couple of blown up baloons or a tube of sylicone with a nipple and get out of the flesh-flashing business. You are a woman not a animal slave. Many women would support your efforts to ditch the pedeophile "hubby" and get cleaned up and in therapy. You owe it to yourself to have a real life as a valued person. Think on it Courtney.

  • jasmine

    i dont get why people are so bitchy towards her...sure shes 75% plastic, wears alot of makeup, has fake tits, and dresses pretty skanky but it's not physically hurting anyone and she has feelings too. saying shit like shes so ugly and old looking, get some respect for other people. what she does is in NO WAY affecting you so fuck sakes just leave her alone. all i see is a girl who has no idea who she is and is still finding herself.

  • Visionary

    Seriously, Courtney. Shut up.

  • Holly

    Fuck up, Sherry!

  • DeeZee

    There is an air of desperation about this series. She has a hard, uncomfortable expression in most of the shots. The lighting, hair, and make-up do not add up to the high-end quality of a Playboy shoot.

  • Terry

    Doug is that you?

  • lost_grrl

    Please do not compare Courtney Stodden to Dita! Dita is smart, classy and gorgeous. Courntey is...not.

  • Christy Crowell
    Christy Crowell

    Plus, she's actually smiling, and it's a beautiful smile! Way to go, Courtney!

  • Christy Crowell
    Christy Crowell

    Ya know, now that Courtney's had a makeover (makeunder?), I think she looks great. And now that she's 18, I can enjoy looking at her scantily clad pictures. These, however, I wouldn't have felt okay about seeing before she turned 18. These are fabuous! I particularly love the last one, where "snow" is cascading down from her awesome hot pink glove over her breast to strategically "cover" part of her breast. Brilliant and beautiful! Ya know what? I don't think Courtney SHOULD bare it all in Playboy. THIS is much more tasteful, and it's fun to see what she will come up with to "cover" parts of herself! These are also wonderfully creative and well-done. It's kind of like CS is the Dita Von Teese of still photography, reminiscent of burlesque-style striptease, which I believe is more provocative. On the couples show, I once heard CS refer to herself as a "provocateur," so I looked up that word, which is what I enjoy since I'm a writing/English teacher. Anyway, "provocateur" is the PERFECT descriptor of Courtney, so "well-done" to Courtney. And one famous provocateur was Mae West, and I believe Courtney often utters Mae West-type sayings, but in a different way. So I think Courtney actually DOES embody what she's trying to market, and she also actually is much more mature than her numerical age. I just hope she stops referring to herself as "an advocate for bullying," since that's not truly what she means. Rather, she should say, "I'm an advocate for anti-bullying" or "I'm against bullying." I, for one, am starting to look forward to seeing what she does next...tastefully, which is a marketing position that I think she should stand by. It's unique.

  • Amy

    I'm sorry, but there is nothing attractive about her whatsoever

  • Ramona

    Now we can see why Playboy won't take her...without all the padding and pushup there is really nothing to her. What a skank.