Courtney Stodden Gets Naked in a Tub With No Makeup

  • Courtney Stodden Gets Naked in a Tub With No Makeup
Teen bride Courtney Stodden strips down for a photo shoot in a bathtub in LA on April 22, 2012. The scantily-clad singer wore minimal makeup for the shoot.
Source: Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner
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  • weavermomo

    Her face features are mediocre. Take away the bleached hair, implants, hunger for attention, no one one would even notice her.

  • what thehuh?
    what thehuh?

    its probably what they give her for her 17 year old brain to think that being married to her grandfather is ok.

  • Melanie

    One side of her face is droopy, looks like she's had a stroke.

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    Courtney is a beautiful girl but she tries to hard. Beauty isn't about trying so hard to be what I consider desperately sexy. The snarl look is awful Courtney. Be yourself, stop trying to look so seductive all the time and just smile. If a woman is truly beautiful, it comes through all the time. The Target shopping pictures are funny...who shops in an outfit like that? Sexy women don't have to wear the skimpy little outfits and have everything hanging out. Sexy comes from within! If makes you look desperate and cheap. I am not a hater, like I said I think she is beautiful but hooker clothing and a Bondo makeup face doesn't make you beautiful!

  • Maria A.
    Maria A.

    She is a CHILD. Why else would she act so unbalanced? ! I'd say they ALL are screwed up ending her childhood at 14! A 'young lady' is nothing at all what she portrays! Shame on you!

  • Maria A.
    Maria A.

    NOW she looks pretty and the age she should be. What a waste marrying someone so much older when she could be out with people her own age enjoying whats left of her childhood. Selfish man obviously is mentally unbalanced to take that away from her....and her parents made it easy for him.

  • Carolina Mora
    Carolina Mora

    She looks a little inebriated or something.

  • hillcountrychick

    She actually looks very pretty with the minimal makeup & should wear that look every day -- way better than her hooker appearance

  • im_just_me

    Aw, you look so sweet and innocent with no make-up. You should keep it this way, you look better because you have natural beauty.

  • danielleakame

    she looks high or drunk...

  • Lana Kane
    Lana Kane

    Oh god it must be TOPAZ saying some stupid shit like this. Look everyone knows the geezer Tooms got his pervy hands on some BiPolar meat sold by her mom Krista Keller, Its not love..its a horny girl with a pervy dude. Pretty gross.

  • LoveisGrand

    She will be 18, in 4 months, so she is practically an adult. She is a married young lady

  • Emm

    17 is not a young adult. 18 is when a person legally becomes an adult. That is the law, not something to disagree on.

  • LoveisGrand

    Yeah, Courtney is a young adult, NOT a "child". SHe is legally married, & I wish them the best!

  • oakkky

    well you shouldn't cause there are fashion models that are 14 and do photoshoots with less clothes than her and btw I still don't believe courtney to be a teenager, I think shes like 30

  • Amber

    I actually find these pictures sad, sad because it shows that she is just a kid, under all that make up she is in fact a kid. A kid that some sicko got his hands on and who's parents failed to protect.

  • just.not.right

    why does half of her face look droopy?