Courtney Stodden Goes Make-Up Free in Tube Top and Short Shorts

  • Courtney Stodden Goes Make-Up Free in Tube Top and Short Shorts
Courtney Stodden goes make-up free for a coffee run in Los Angeles on November 2, 2011.
Source: GSI Media
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  • WHUT!


  • uraloser

    you know how you guess how many cookies are in the cookie jar? Lets guess how many bras she has on! I would love to see her in a tight shirt with no bra on. Thats how she can prove to me that they are real, an ultrasound proves nothing when its all bra padding.

  • Eve Wilson
    Eve Wilson

    Do a search on 'breast makeup'. Trust me, after you laugh, you will see that's what she does, along with a whole lot of stuffing. I mean not everyone is blessed with natural clevage, but the things some people do to fake it is funny.

  • Chris Carpenter Oursler
    Chris Carpenter Oursler

    Every time I have seen her, she looks like a hooker. What kind of fifty year old man marries a child prostitute? A perverted one, I guess. And when she catches a glimpse of a camera, there goes that weird porn face she makes as soon as she spots one and then she shoves her boobs out. I don't know about you, but if I contorted that much whenver I spied a camera, I would throw my back out, lol. Put some clothes on darlin', and ditch the old dude and go back to school and get an education.

  • Vicki Tabernik Lefelhocz
    Vicki Tabernik Lefelhocz

    I wonder if she's into some kind of kinky breast bondage. Those look like ligature marks.

  • totallyimplants

    why do there appear to be "rings" around the top of her breasts?? looks almost like purple bruises....

  • Roxie Dean
    Roxie Dean

    I think by them saying she's "without" makeup they mean less than her normal drag queen makeup. It's a LOT less than her usual...

  • Undercover_Brother

    Trash, tramp, ho, skank...... ok, your turn. I banish thee back to the trailer park !

  • swag25

    this a beautiful girl that is ruining her life

  • Shazz

    If celebuzz thinks this is make up free then they really need to get their eyes checked. She clearly has a whole lot of foundation on her skin. She just doesn't have as much slutttyy eye make up on. Regardless, she is pure trash.

  • Laura Roesch
    Laura Roesch