Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch

  • Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson were approached by security and asked to leave the pumpkin patch in Valencia, California on October 22, 2011 after receiving complaints about the way Courtney was dressed and how openly sexual the couple were being in public.
Source: GSI Media
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  • Popper 200
    Popper 200

    Id let her pee in my mouth :-)

  • zip

    her chest<3

  • Goody gumdrops
    Goody gumdrops

    Cellulite? I don't see one dimple on her. Jealousy is not at all becoming.

  • Jane

    The pedo comment was to tiger

  • Jane


  • ssstephanie

    yeah i did see those and i agree she did look way better before and i wasn't denying the fact she is most likely plastic... and her skin has issues, that's for sure. I just meant I think she is in pretty great shape, body wise! not mental health wise, of course. I feel bad for her, and I don't think she deserves 1/2 the nasty comments she gets..she clearly has psychological issues

  • Tina

    even married celeb couples dont just do sh!t like that

  • E

    Ewww Ewwwww Ewwwwwww

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    *on something

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    @ssstephanie I dont think she has a amazing body and believe me not jealous. She is fake go look at her pictures when from earlier on before she was beautiful now she looks old and ruggish... It a shame her mom deosnt tell her that. Its just crazy! I think she is also in something cause her interviews are retarted...

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    She looked way better before all the surgeries, now she looks like there is something really wrong with her fake self. Jeez just admit that your fake and we will respect you more…Just saying!

  • tigertaint

    kids need to learn somehow.

  • ssstephanie

    oh could be very attractive if you just lost that skanky mentality and aging have an amazing body (whomever says otherwise is in denial or jealous) why do you gotta make a fool of yourself?

  • Kogiman84

    Seriously, she's 17, she needs to get that chest discoloration checked out. It's too early in her life to look like that

  • icarly

    WTF!!??? no youre not

  • user

    And the funny thing she ain't all that, look at her freckled old skin and her celulite tights, she thinks she still has it but sweetheart your time has come and gone, give it up and just stick with the porn work you been doing.

  • Fuckdembitches

    how horrible.

  • gross

    So stupid....


    EWWWW Really…how disrespectful to go to a pumpkin patch where families are having a memorable time with their children. Its not a photo shoot and i dont care if you are in CALIFORNIA, they should know better. I know shes a child :/ but grandpa should of told her…..IDIOTS.