Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch

  • Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson were approached by security and asked to leave the pumpkin patch in Valencia, California on October 22, 2011 after receiving complaints about the way Courtney was dressed and how openly sexual the couple were being in public.
Source: GSI Media
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  • M

    Its because she is used to. Probably she felt shy at the beggining but once you get used to, you forget what all the hype is about. Im pretty sure if she covered up her whole body she would totally feel that theres something missing or something wrong and even feel uncomfortable. It really does work like that!. I kind of feel pity that she has totally lost sight of the way she looks like. In her earlier younger pictures she was still doing poses like this but just that with more cloth and a less developed body. She was always like that it seems, only that now, its kind of almost indecent for the places she frequents.

  • princess

    "maybe if i stretch like this, like they do on the haines commerical, i can get the shorts out of my ass, without anybody realizing what i am doing. heehee"



  • Laura

    I personally would be SO uncomfortable in that outfit, knowing I was one wrong bend away from actual public indecency. Why she has no such concern is beyond me.

  • Dan

    I actually feel bad for her. She's 17. I don't think she really knows how this will affect her image. I'm sure it wasn't her idea or decision to do this. Not that she disagreed either, though. Here's what I see in this picture: 1. Two parents (hers) that don't know what it means to raise a child properly. How in the world they let their daughter get to this point is beyond me. 2. Twenty aroused fathers looking at her until they found out she was jailbait. Then, only 10 aroused fathers. 3. An episode of "Where Are They Now" in 5 years or less. 4. A girl with quite a butterface. I can completely understand why the decison makers around her tell her to keep the sunglasses on most of the time. They are large and cover a good portion of her face.

  • Stacie

    That ass is hungry, it ate her shorts crotch.

  • Sam

    At least we know she has a future in porn....

  • Kevin

    Sorry, I mis-typed. I meant to say that yes, it WAS absolutly out of line for her to do that with families and kids around.

  • Kevin

    Really? You honestly think that NO ONE enjoyed her little show? Puh-lease!! 90% of the males there, were enjoying it immensely, as well as some of the females. Was it out of line for a public pupmkin patch during the day with families and kids around. Absolutly not. But please be realistic. We live in a sexually fueled soceity. I guarantee you there were a lot of people enjoying the view, even if they were hiding their looks from their spouses. If she had waited til night and went to a haunted hayride where adults are partying, it wouldn't have been nearly as bad.

  • nicer than you...hehehe
    nicer than you...hehehe

    My favorite of the bunch

  • spiniton85

    I just cannot stop laughing at these pictures. It's like a mix of shock that someone is so desperate for attention so as to be offensive and utter glee to have some new trainwreck other than Lindsay Lohan to watch. oh gosh.

  • booo

    she is seriously the lowest form of trash

  • Candelaria Tagle
    Candelaria Tagle

    who do you think u are slut? i honestly think NOBODY in that pumpkin patch want to see ur ass. i feel sorry for all the ppl that had to see that disgusting performance

  • Teresa Meza
    Teresa Meza

    Good Christian girl? I don't see this Jesus person in her...


    You know, it's disgusting to wear an outfit like that to a pumpkin patch where there's children. But wow, just take it to another level and act like a hooker in it! The headline for this article should not necessarily focus on her nasty outfit, but her even more nasty behavior. THAT is why she got kicked out.

  • sick

    If I had taken my son to this pumpkin patch and seen her, I would have given her exactly what her parents obviously never gave her, a good ole a** whooping.

  • Fuckdembitches

    look! It's a wh*re getting ready to pee on a pumpkin!

  • Dave
    Dave stop...Stripperville......

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Pig. I mean REALLY????

  • AlaBella

    I just threw up

    EWWWW disrespectful to go to a pumpkin patch where families are having a memorable time with their children. Its not a photo shoot and i dont care if you are in CALIFORNIA, they should know better. I know shes a child :/ but grandpa should of told her.....IDIOTS.