Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch

  • Courtney Stodden Is Too Sexy for The Pumpkin Patch
Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson were approached by security and asked to leave the pumpkin patch in Valencia, California on October 22, 2011 after receiving complaints about the way Courtney was dressed and how openly sexual the couple were being in public.
Source: GSI Media
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  • princess

    keeps 'em tight. oops did i just say that?

  • jill

    Practically fornicating in front of children? He's making her a future pedo it seems, just like him. Way to follow in daddy's, er, hubby's footsteps.

  • Chelsey Zurfluh
    Chelsey Zurfluh

    WOW this is gross. Pumkin patches are family enviroment! They are pervs.

  • VanSailin'

    I can totally see what she sees in him... homeless redneck is pretty attractive, as is a small penis. It's pretty popular with the youngster sluts.

  • Randy

    Gotta love how she dresses like a total skank, and he dresses like a homeless redneck. I thought only skaters wore stocking/skull caps with short sleeve or cut-offs and shorts...

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    So beyond classless. Her mother should be so proud....not.

  • Selma


  • Dave

    "daddy said I was always a good kisser...teeheeee..."