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  • Courtney Stodden Photos
Photos of Courtney Stodden, age 16, taken from her website. Stodden recently married actor Doug Hutchison, age 51.
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  • Teresa Clark-Lagrone
    Teresa Clark-Lagrone

    She must be on something she smokes or does drugs or something because I have never seen a 17 year old look so old. She says she and her parents are Christians but I don't know of any Christian family that would let their daughter marry at 16 and dress so trashy like she does. There is clearly something wrong with her parents,Doug and her. I seriously doubt she was a virgin when she married him dressing and looking like that what is wrong with this country that some states make it legal for children to marry with parents consent?? Something wrong with this country for allowing that and something wrong with her parents. I am assuming that her parents are looking for fame as well through their daughter to get it. This marriage wont work out once she becomes famous she will move on to next sucker and leave Dougs well dry when she takes his money in divorce.

  • stephie

    either way...she does have a nice body...holy crap- dumb as a stump tho haha..has anyone heard/seen that video she put up? LOL - sorry she was asking for mockery

  • Lensy

    I guess 16 is the new 30. This girl looks like an expensive 30 year old hooker.