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  • Courtney Stodden Photos
Photos of Courtney Stodden, age 16, taken from her website. Stodden recently married actor Doug Hutchison, age 51.
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  • MegaLynn

    There's no way those boobs are real. I will dispute that. Also as far as plastic surgeons who do surgery on 16 year olds like this....that makes me sick. I know they are out there because unfortunately I know a girl who had a boob job at 16 and well let's just say she is not a classy lady at all still to this day. Sad sad sad...

  • Sheri Anne
    Sheri Anne

    No way she is 16..More like in the late 20's or early 30's.No plastic surgeon would do that much work on a 16 year old..If one did they should be arrested. I think it is her way to be noticed saying she is 16. I am sorry but dressing the way she does it is not pretty and it screams hore..If she covered up some and dressed like a LADY she would get some positive attention.. Anyone who has to flaunt there bodies like that has severe self-esteem issues. I think this chic is craving attention..Any and from anyone.

  • VanSailin'

    She looks at least 35... wtf 16?

  • Evelyn Maestre
    Evelyn Maestre

    Thats what I am saying that girl look atleast 27 and imagine if she really is 17 that would mean when she really is 27 she will look his age lmao...

  • Meara McFarland
    Meara McFarland

    That kind of cleavage only happens over the course of years when they hang for so long. More evidence she's clearly not 16, but who really ever believed that?