Courtney Stoddens Dons Skimpy Gold Bikini and Braided Hair on the Beach

  • Courtney Stoddens Dons Skimpy Gold Bikini and Braided Hair on the Beach
Teen bride Courtney Stodden frolics on the beach in LA on May 12, 2012 wearing a tiny gold bikini and channeling 70's icon Bo Derek with her braided hair.
Source: Coleman-Rayner
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  • Kaila Kim
    Kaila Kim

    I like the look Girl!!!!

  • JTK4ever

    Actually, they're "weird" looking because she's jogging and this pic was snapped mid "boob bounce" during her stride...I think most women's boobs do that when they run!

  • magic

    well 'elle.0', if this wasnt aimed at me babes, then explain this to me: why did they write it on MY comment instead of making a comment of their own? exactly, because it was aimed at ME. so boo, awkies for ya.

  • elle.0

    I think the poster was directing the "get over yourself" at the trainwreck that is Stodden and not you. Take a breath.

  • Jesus Nazereth
    Jesus Nazereth

    my comment was for @CourtneyRocks about not all white girls not being able to pull off cornrows. not you @magic

  • Jesus Nazereth
    Jesus Nazereth

    you being a racist mufucka?

  • magic

    did i say she looked likeBoDerek you idiot? no i didn't so why don't YOU get over yourself.

  • CourtneyRocks

    Actually, Courtney looks Stunning in cornrows. Not alot of white chicks can pull off that look, but Courtney looks Gorgeous, & resembles Christina Aguilera in her Dirrty music video!

  • Layla

    Because she isnt wearing a push up bra like she usually does.

  • Kayleigh van der Lee
    Kayleigh van der Lee

    Because they're fake lol.

  • Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine
    Eibhlin Ni Dubhslaiine

    nothing like bo derek...get over yourself.

  • Selma

    Why are her boobs so weird looking?

  • purpleg00p

    she has a mad figure! .. if only her face wasnt so caked with makeup and that armband didnt have to be surgically removed from her arm because its been glued to her arm her whole life.

  • magic

    she's a piece of trash, someone give me a bin asap!