Whether it s long and blonde

  • Whether it s long and blonde
Whether it's long and blonde or short and brown, she knows what works for her: curls!
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  • Selena Wilde Diamantopoulos
    Selena Wilde Diamantopoulos

    1 word. Beautiful.

  • Gina

    Shakira's hair is naturally very dark and very curly. She colors and straightens it much of the time. She also usually wears extensions, so her hair isn't as long as it looks. If you Google, you can probably find pictures of her from when she first got started in Colombia.

  • wesley

    I'm pretty sure she used to straighten it, Mia, and her hair IS naturally curly.

  • Mia

    She's actually straight hair, she turned it curly when she went blond.

  • hearts

    I love Shakira's hair! You can tell she just washes it and lets mother nature work it magic.