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Ava Jackman
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  • jaydenbell

    She's Sooooooo Cute !

  • Shaniya Bisconer
    Shaniya Bisconer

    shes so cute and pretty

  • Jay

    CC your words are ugly and unfair and am sure your equally as ugly as your words or even uglier...

  • shaiyia fraser
    shaiyia fraser

    she is a pretty little girl

  • sillysadie

    I've seen lots of pics of this little one and she's adorable. This particularl picture is not flattering...that's the photographer's angle, not the child's appearance!

  • Ankit Negi
    Ankit Negi


  • moonlady

    She doesnt HAVE to be beautiful, she is a normal child. Plus beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Hugh adopted her, and I'm sure he thinks she is beautiful.

  • rachel20

    She isn't that beautiful,

  • zara

    Go fuck a cactus Dana!

  • sammybae

    Why is you looking at kids in dat way.You a pervert you no dat.You undressing these kids with your eyes you hella nasty!!!!Find some one your own age and stop lusting off of little boys and girls you sick sick person

  • Tnc Del
    Tnc Del

    They should have labeled whose kids they are. I wouldn't be able to distinguish any of them from any other kids.

  • Vamedicca

    She is a normal, cute 8-yr-old girl who is dressed the way she should be at 8. Also, look what's in her hand; she just put gum or candy in her mouth; that's why her cheeks look like that. Duh. Also, to everyone here: The haters - we can't tell if they're male or female; black or white; young or old, simply based on their usernames. They are simply out to get a rise out of people at the expense of a child. It gratifies them to see how angry they can make you, so just ignore it. They KNOW this little child is anything but ugly, but are happy to use her to see how mad they can make everyone.

  • Meghan

    Face it people, there are ugly children in the world, but no they cannot help it, so leave them alone. Just don't comment. This picture is horrible. Offend the photographer if we must say something bad.

  • ldstep

    Try looking in a mirror. U could use a LOT of work yourself. And anyone that insults a little kid is truly lacking in self esteem and confidence. What a hater U R. Apparently U R jealous of her Father's success.

  • Sarah Elizabeth Meehan
    Sarah Elizabeth Meehan

    You are an idiot if you honestly think this kid is ugly

  • nima

    u u such a moron to say a cutieee as ugly... bloody shit

  • Kady Baumgartel
    Kady Baumgartel

    Ok, i will admit she might not be the most adorable kid in the world, but she is NOT ugly! You people need to get a life, and stop ranting about an 8 year old girl! Geez! This is also nt the best pic of her, but if you saw a better picture of her you will see she is actually a really cute kid!

  • Dana

    um yeah shes ugly

  • Dana

    that one is

  • Taylor Quinn
    Taylor Quinn

    i just wanna say, the way people take pictures can portray a lot of things. if you move the angle of the camera at the wrong moment, the perfect picture could be ruined. what i'm trying to say is, come on people. she was running at the time, and the cameraman took a bad photo of her. i bet in real life she's actually a adorable eight year old

  • courtneybaaaby

    i know heaps of guys on his who write shit about celebrities.

  • Patricia Gomez
    Patricia Gomez

    shes beautiful

  • kirti

    kids can't be ugly

  • Dana

    I bet you're ugly as hell!!;)

  • Dana

    As if a guy would waste his time on here writing hateful comments!! loser

  • sydsouth

    * Wow, you need to grow up. *

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    This is a very Pretty little Girl!!

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Not ugly, but not the cutest kid I've seen either.

  • Meee

    Cc u're such big fool. Kids hater u will never have urs in ur lifetime

  • dolly

    she sure is cute just like her father

  • Karen :)
    Karen :)

    LMFAO WORD. Shes ew.

  • Kertu Reap
    Kertu Reap


  • Jasmine Kenny
    Jasmine Kenny

    U have to be pretty pathetic to call a child ugly. Is she grotesque. Hell no. She is only 8 year old.And i bet u would not say she was ugly to her face. Her father would kick your ass and pay a lawyer to get off.

  • Azya Marie
    Azya Marie

    You must have been called ugly all your life. To come onto the internet look at a child and call her ugly, mind you this isn't the first child you've called ugly. Yeah you have some issues there buddy.

  • courtneybaaaby

    how do you know shes a girl you loser.


    u again CC???!!!! i think u dont like kids,and oh,,,i think u cant have kids,u must have a problem n your vagina,,,it muust be a bad,bad vagina......

  • livesinafairytale

    What the heck? Why would you call the kid ugly? She's not. And she's like, what, 8? She's cute. And it's Hugh Jackman's daughter.

  • kallie

    who is that?

  • CC