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Honor Warren
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  • shonuff

    Then she looks just like you.

  • eww

    maybe becuz theyre ugly

  • annie36972

    Beautiful like mom! *.*

  • artisticvirgo9

    shut the fuck up you dickhead eating bitch

  • Vanessa

    She does look like a gorilla....

  • darkbutterfly

    She kinda looks like her mom, i bet her hair is curly when it isnt up

  • AnamaryLH

    honor marie is definitely the CUTEST celebrity kid ! and jessica and cash seem like their such good parents to her and Haven. Honor and Haven are going to become more and more gorgeous the older they get. and at first i wasnt a have of either name but the names def. grew on me ! congrats Jessica and Cash for making such beautiful little girls ! :)

  • moonlady

    gosh that was really mean, uncalled for and pointless.

  • moonlady

    Yayyyy for vegetarians! I love gorillas. But this child does not look like one.

  • d

    I don't think she's suppose to look "HOT" she's like 3 years old.

  • gibi

    gorillas are cute too!

  • Alex Vogelstein
    Alex Vogelstein

    wow. genius comeback. must've used 100% of your 60 pt. IQ for that one.

  • Alex Vogelstein
    Alex Vogelstein

    why is that so offensive? some people say kids look like puppy (e.g. 'look that puppy face') as a term of endearment. At least gorilla's are closer to humans. And what the F did gorilla's do to get such a bad reputation when used as comparison species? They are gentle, strong and fucking vegetarians!

  • aggy

    at least she looks like a gorrilla, u are a big ugly gorrilla and you will never have a child coz u are so mean to them, God is watching, and you will never have a baby, trust me!!!

  • Sarah Elizabeth Meehan
    Sarah Elizabeth Meehan

    Jess looks like a gorilla, if you don't think a kid is cute fine that's your oppinion but all you need to say is "Not cute" like Beckycee951 did or better yet don't say anything at all. You don't have to be rude. It's a kid not a monkey

  • Sarah Elizabeth Meehan
    Sarah Elizabeth Meehan

    Jessie, It's JUST A SAYING! Jesus Christ get a freaking life and stop taking things so litteral. LOL Now I know what to say to get under your skin lol Jerks make me laugh... *mumbles* fucking idiot

  • CaliforniaZuli

    said the black girl w a bell pepper nose lmao

  • beckycee951

    @Bunnie, i totally agree!

  • beckycee951

    Not cute, sorry guys....

  • talei

    at jessie...y dnt u put ur pic up & we'l c wot u like huh?? not judge o u'l b judged...yo tokin as if u dnt wipe ur backside shaet wit toilet tissue..u aint flawless darlin>>dnt b cheecky!!!

  • Nicole

    That is a horrible thing to say! How can you be so rude? She is a child. Learn respect!

  • Bunnie

    since when is it not ok to be honest about someones looks, i'm not saying be hurtful but not all kids/babies are cute. and being a celeb kid doesn't make it cute

  • sydsouth

    * Her toddlers nose is flared, I'm sure her little nose doesn't look like that, don't you remember when you were a tiny tot swinging on your belly, that shit hurt...and your mouth hung open and your nose flared because it hurt.* =} good old days,

  • Angela Little Miller
    Angela Little Miller

    People are getting mad at people for saying she looks like a gorilla, but with her nose she does. Iwouldn't be the first to say it though, lol. However, she is still a cute kid, just not a beautiful kid.

  • hannah234

    no she does not

  • Emma

    I agree

  • Emma

    haha! That's mean, but kinda true..she's still cute though..

  • sydsouth

    * For sure Jessie Sharlene is a swollen faced looser, and your pictures not cute Jess, and I bet you tried all day didn't you, to get that oh so perfect picture, but news flash sweetie, ya not cute.. unlike this sweet innocent child you chose to call a gorilla. *

  • kittycat

    SHe doesn't look like her beautiful mama...she looks more like her dad!

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    OMG! That is too funny! baby Gorilla! :-)

  • Mimi

    not as hot as her mommy...but cute anyway :)

  • kim

    she is cute and jessie sharlene your stupid why would u say she looks like a gorilla YOUR MEAN GET A LIFE YOUR PROBABLY MAD CUZ U LOOKED IN A MIRRIOR AND REALIZED THAT UR ASS LOOKS LIKE A MONKEY HAHAHAHAHAH LOL

  • sona

    that's mean

  • Jessie Sharlene
    Jessie Sharlene

    she looks like a baby gorilla

  • Jessie Sharlene
    Jessie Sharlene

    You need help if you love some stranger "so much"

  • shelbyb

    I love her so much. Cutest celeb kid in my opinion :)

  • kiesha

    she is cute

  • Victoria

    She is a really cute girl. God Bless her.