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Honor Warren
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  • Guest

    Why, her family has to be black to have a black barbie? The stupidest people in the world seem to be commenting here. Insane.

  • eww

    what are you gonna do, ban her? and judging by the site you're on, you might be shallow too

  • Sandra

    joj mala je prelepa. bit ce ista mama kad poraste, blago njoj ♥

  • Laura Harwood
    Laura Harwood

    that is so funny Alex hehehe

  • Kaisa-Mikäle Thompson
    Kaisa-Mikäle Thompson

    beautiful, "colorful" family <3

  • Alex Vogelstein
    Alex Vogelstein

    Well, that's good. She'll get a lot of oxygen flow to her brain. Something you were obviously deprived of when you were her age.

  • x

    Huge nostrils!

  • beautifullyjaded

    I agree...I dont know what the hell she said... I think she did it on purpose and Im actually offended:) Loosen up people...sooo sensitive

  • Sarah Elizabeth Meehan
    Sarah Elizabeth Meehan

    Being sarcastic is fine, but to go so far as to say someone to "talk english" well my reply to this person would be maybe she CAN'T as in Maybe she is from a differant place in the world good Greif people on here are RUDE

  • Taylor Quinn
    Taylor Quinn

    i have seen you rudely commenting on other pictures, but this is really the last straw. im not trying to pick a fight, but by judging all of your comments, you seem to be rude, conceited, sarcastic, aggressive, and not very smart. please stop so the rest of us can live without your damn negative energy. thank you.

  • Nicole

    Jessica Alba and Cash Warren. She looks like both of them equally. She looks nothing like Hugh Jackman.

  • Rita Long
    Rita Long

    Whose kid is this? Hugh Jackman?

  • sydsouth

    * agree, she didn't mean anything by it. * =}

  • Michelle

    She didn't say anything bad about it, she just said it amuses her. Gee, lay off people.

  • Anna

    Her father is 1/2 Black, so it really isn't that strange that she would have a Black Barbie doll.

  • Azya Marie
    Azya Marie

    Probably because you have a brain the size of a chick pea. You know most people with those type of brains don't know anything :).

  • kiesha

    so cute

  • Stace

    It's Princess Tiana Siobhananijdnki....moron.

  • Siobhan Totterdale
    Siobhan Totterdale

    lol.. she has the black barbie doll. hahah i dont even know why that amuses me.

  • courtneybaaaby

    talk english ana. :|

  • Ana Aras
    Ana Aras

    jooj dusa mala <3