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Jessica Alba's daughter Honor Warren.
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  • Shaniya Bisconer
    Shaniya Bisconer

    why are you guys so mean to honor? shes adorable.

  • cesy

    like mother like daughter!!!:)

  • meme133

    +i fuckin agree that she looks like a monkey kay because she does and all u bitches need to shut up shes not ugly she just looks llike a monkey thats all

  • valeska

    omg.. u guys are simply slutts and bitches all haters and fugly!!

  • moonlady

    If you do not think this little girl is cute, you need your eyes checked!

  • Jackie

    Cute outfit!!

  • Alex Vogelstein
    Alex Vogelstein

    what's so bad with looking like a monkey? They are closer to humans than dogs. And in Taylor Swift's childhood photos, she looks like a poodle.

  • blah!

    she looks like a monkey. poor thing. its ok, makeup will do what it did for her mother.

  • x

    Huge nostrils - like tunnels.

  • Dana

    oooo kay

  • Mitzie James Moser
    Mitzie James Moser

    I just like the fact that she's wearing her Mexican boots.

  • Lily

    This baby looks like a raccoon

  • Caroline Witte
    Caroline Witte

    She looks EXACTLY like my daughter's best friend Shawna did at that age. Two weeks ago Shawna was signed with the Ford agency and is doing her first photo shoot for Chanel as we speak. You have NO idea what somebody will grow up to look like...though I imagine she will look a lot like Shawna when she's grown. PLUS, I think she's adorable right now.

  • CaliforniaZuli


  • James

    You idiot, its the same baby! flip

  • beckycee951

    pobresita... she looks like a crackhead....

  • Taylor Quinn
    Taylor Quinn

    and i suppose everyone else here is a supermodel? come one everyone, leave her alone. she'll grow into her looks.

  • talei

    pplz wot if shes yo sista or niece or relative??? geeze if u think she aint preety>>>kip it 2 urself coz it hurts k...2 ol haters>>look btween yo thighs n accept dat they aint preety at ol..!! fuck off bloody haters..!!!!

  • Nicole

    Look, Honor is adorable and anyone saying mean comments is rude, obnoxious, and have no manners or respect. She is not the most beautiful child in the world, but she is NOT ugly by any means.

  • Pari

    Just because she has two attractive looking parents doesn't means she's suppose to come out looking drop dead gorgeous. She's young and people grow up to look a lot different than they did as a child. Also there's not a baby celebrity born that doesn't have a feature or two that isn't 'cute'. I think she favors Jessica Alba quite a bit.

  • Liinlinn

    Cash Warren

  • Rita Long
    Rita Long

    Who is her dad?

  • reba

    i know right why are you upset cause you couldnt look better than her lol

  • Timi

    this child doesnt look cute at all. he is URGLY for being her mothers daughter.

  • Bunnie

    hate to be a dick but that guy 2 pics ago was right she looks like a baby gorilla, he mom is hot maybe she'll grow into her looks.

  • hannah234

    my god yr mean

  • Sam

    Cute outfit, Ugly kid!!!!

  • Cesar's Babe:]
    Cesar's Babe:]

    Adorable Baby :] Imagine She was My Little Sistahh?"}

  • shelbyb

    So stylish :)

  • kiesha

    awww that baby is so cute