Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Heidi Klum and daughter Lou Samuel.
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • JamesSharon Hughes
    JamesSharon Hughes

    This is a beautiful mother and child!! Love those curls and that sweet face!

  • Guest

    Awww I love her little smushed face!

  • melly


  • melly

    This baby is sooooo beautiful!!! CC is probabley fucking her brothers in a small town. Just ignore her and she will disappear.

  • samira

    heidi klum is the most beautiful mother in hollywood and her kids are soo cute

  • Yesi Alvarenga
    Yesi Alvarenga

    Cute baby

  • Vanessa

    Are they both trying to whistle??

  • cm

    why is it ignorant?

  • halie

    wtf!? who liked this jerks comment!? aparently 27 ppl did!?

  • ak47

    I think we should all really just ignore CC. He/she is just a waste of our time n btw cute kid:)

  • Tanny

    Go home bitch! no one needs your hateful and envious comments fuck urself

  • fyou

    STFU! Stop making rude-ass comments on every single single baby picture! I don't find Seal attractive, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna make rude racist comments!

  • x

    Poor kid: having Heidi for a mother.

  • Lily

    LOL... This is a girl?

  • CC is racist (aka Taylor Quinn)
    CC is racist (aka Taylor Quinn)

    i'm not even going to put my name in "CC is racist (aka Taylor Quinn)" anymore. i'm just going to be "CC is racist." so if you wanna look for me, thats my new name for this website. to CC: you never learn, do you?

  • CC is a DICKHEAD
    CC is a DICKHEAD

    WHAT?????? how is heidi klum a monkey??? lol shut ur face, coward nobody likes ur stupid comments!!! so stop trying!!!!!!

  • truthhurts

    what an ignorant statement.

  • sydsouth

    * Bitch you have no balls, seriously, get off Celebuzz's nuts and get your candy ass off this site. *

  • Ana

    U are sick! It's sad to acknowledge that are still ppl like that in the world. It really makes me sad beyond. I don t have a defined religion, but I am a respectful and loving person. For me, what u say, is a sin. Any offense to a child is the most cruel sin in the world. the only thing that makes me really out of my mind is a person who offends a child, in any way. I wish there was really a Hell and u could rot in it. I guess ur life is a HEll, I think u live in a prison, ur tiny brain.

  • Kat Nimac
    Kat Nimac

    and "CC" why are you incognito huh? thats what i love: people who slag everyone off and dont even have the guts to show their face! sad idiot!

  • Kat Nimac
    Kat Nimac

    look only coz u probably got abused and mistreated in your sad little life - dont let it out on lil babies, it wont help you. Get some treatment!

  • bella

    would you look at that, another black baby, do you hate them too huh? why would you be jealous of kids sicko

  • Shawna Elmore
    Shawna Elmore

    i bet you look like a monkeys ass.

  • hannah

    "911, yes, theres this phedophile named CC stalking poor kids and leaving racist comments." "CC? She's my daughter!!" "oh god!! are you at home? can i talk to her?" "Dumb Ass, im at the police station" "Do you work there?" "NO!" "Why are you there then?!" "Oh she just got arrested for child abuse"

  • Persephone

    Adorable baby and I just love Heidi's sunglasses!

  • livesinafairytale


  • kiesha


  • isebel

    adorable unlike cc

  • Siobhan Totterdale
    Siobhan Totterdale

    Loool as soon as I saw the colour of these two beautiful people I came to the comments looking for CC. HAHAHA predictable much?

  • Sweetrose

    She's adorable!

  • ty

    wow, such a cute baby! I think mixed race children are always so beautiful.

  • kallie

    shut up

  • CC