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Josh Kelley carries his sweet daughter, Nayleigh.
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  • Shaniya Bisconer
  • melly

    hilarious!!! That person, love your story. Only thing is truth is, this person is a female, between 17-27 years old. Borderline personality. Has friends but has difficulty choosing. People have left her. She has history of sexual abuse. PTSD. Overweight. She is in school and lives at home with her parents and sibling. She is having difficulty in school and with peers. She has had various part-time jobs but cannot keep them. She has been in a hospital before, and will probably go back there again. I'm not sure when. Last time I saw her was a year ago. She is not happy with herself, your right. but, she doesn't like Justin Beiber. That is CC's profile. I tried not to give too much of her personal information away.

  • Jay

    I think CC has, Low Cyber Self-Esteem (a.k.a. The person Who Everyone Hates but Who Never Leaves). Its a Attention Seeking Behavior.She loves the attention shes getting from various comments. All that negative attention is still attention to her. So she wont stop… Just dont reply her. Havent you noticed she give's no reply. Shes gaining enough satisfaction from the comments she's getting.

  • Yesi Alvarenga
    Yesi Alvarenga

    Look at those pretty eyes!!

  • Vanessa

    Is she adopted?

  • Neha

    She's sooo cute! I love her little round face!!!! EEEEEPPPP!!!

  • Anijah

    I've seen your other comments but this is seriously a new low. You don't pick on little kids they can't help what they look like and this child is so beautiful that it makes me wonder what happened in your childhood for you to say that. But to be Honest i think everyone is fed up with you comments So Just Leave this website because that was just over the line

  • K

    This baby is amazing!!! I love her eyes! (^_^)

  • melody

    that is so disappointing that you feel this way. i pray for your thoughts to change for the better. you are really missing out if you really feel that way. may God bless you.

  • very sad that comment was wrote
    very sad that comment was wrote

    i was going to post a comment similar to yours, but i feel comfortable that you have already covered all the bases with this "CC". thanks so much for laying it straight!

  • That person (you know) that one
    That person (you know) that one

    Okay I see a boy or girl or both, pegina probably. In the real world your a normal person with a 9-5 job, quiet no one really knows you because I mean who would want to. You get home to your crappy apartment where you are greeted by no one which is the sad realization you have every time you arrive home. You lay your old brief case on the table next to your syringes, probably containing various drugs from the night before when you tried to overdose but failed. When you head to bathroom you see a face that is your own and cry and cry and cry because your a sad sad person. You grab a bowl of cereal probably frosted flakes and head to your room with pictures of marilyn manson and justin bieber hanging from the ceiling because who can decide right? Surely not you, you little weirdo. You start up your mac computer while load up a doobie with your drugs dealers best stuff, probably not just mids because your pretty poor. And you surf the web, log on to all of your channels and sites reading hate mail and angry replies while you laugh because at some point your life got so miserable it makes you happy to be hated, but who needs a therapist. Surely not you right. You follow up with some porn, probably gay porn even though your not gay, but who cares right. Then you close your laptop pop some prescription pills for "the pain in your back from that one accident" and drift off into a deep sleep filled with nightmares and disappointment (your favorite). Goodnight CC its time for bed you low life racist loser maybe you'll get it right tonight my friend.

  • JaelleRabbit

    So cute

  • Warine Qasm
    Warine Qasm


  • x

    Katherine Heigl should just disappear. I can't stand her.

  • Chantrice. Dorris
    Chantrice. Dorris

    Seriously people why are you giving this person so much of your energy... Really it is sad. Ignore her. She thrives on negative energy. This person seeks attention my guess she did not receive enough of it as a child.

  • CC is racist
    CC is racist


  • Kory

    AWWWW! CUTE! Love Josh!

  • Browser =]
    Browser =]

    OKKAYY NOW!! you are racists or something! dont go dissing asains and blacks! if your white go to the Whiite house or something! oh wait.. theres Obama! you wouldnt like him huh! goodness ! go have sex with your parents since you love your race so much! you really BUG ME! i dont even know why im giving you this attention you dont deserve! you know what they all say.. "Haters make me famous"

  • CC


  • Maleeha 'Ox
    Maleeha 'Ox

    How cute :-)

  • Emma Laura Campbell
    Emma Laura Campbell

    im surprised that CC hasnt commented on this pick............ Lovin the fairy outfit btw! Absolute cutie-pie! <3

  • Kay

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