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Shiloh Jolie Pitt
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • GossipGirl

    wht is wrong if some girl kid dresses like boy kid... if she don't wear pinky clothes is now bad parenting...please... but all ppl have their opinio and that ok. I just saying that not to much wrong with that...

  • melly

    Sorry but the kid is a lesbian. what's wrong with that?? So she knows what she likes. Shes a happy healthy child, thats all that matters.

  • melly

    cc knows who this kid's parents are, she's just messing with you people. Your adding fuel to her fire. She is eating every bite of it.

  • Vanessa

    Why does she always look like a boy?

  • blowme

    Um fyi you can't call people dumb and then go on to use the (non) word "Y'ALL". You're doubly dumb you dumb fuck.

  • blowme

    Obviosly very confused about what gender she is. They should have named her Chaz.

  • Imogen

    You can't "turn" someone into a lesbian, dipshit.

  • JaelleRabbit

    I'm sorry but their biological kids are funny looking.. I mean Knox is kinda cute but I can't say much for the girls

  • njmami

    everybody on here is dumb. look at the pics and shutup. the comments yall are leaving arnt the type of comments thats supposeda be on here. idiots

  • A

    Clearly you people have never tried to dress a kid before. Generally their parents are happy if they put on weather appropriate clothes. She's like, FIVE. And if she is a lesbian, IT'S NONE OF YOUR DAMNED BUSINESS.

  • Jackie

    WHY are they purposely trying to turn this little girl into a lesbian?

  • Emily

    Are you guys serious? The healthy thing to do at that age is to let her wear what she wants and express herself. Clothing won't confuse her gender identity. Trying to force her to wear clothes she's not comfortable in (maybe she hates dresses) could cause more psychological harm. Maybe Shiloh will grow out of wearing boyish clothes, maybe she won't. Nothing wrong either way. The world isn't so black and white; not all boys want to wear pants and blue and not all girls want pink and dresses.

  • Meghan

    She's cute as a boy or girl. Albeit some psychological problems in that crazy household, she's beautiful.

  • Kristen Alaina Flores
    Kristen Alaina Flores

    lol doesn't everyone here know that CC is trolling and is doing apparently a good job at it. Don't feed the troll.

  • Leslie

    I disagree. All babies might be beautiful on the inside because they are still innosent, but FACE wise, not all babies are beautiful. Just sayin...

  • Leslie

    I AGREE!!! If and when i have children, if it's a girl, she'll dress like a girl and play with dolls and makeup. And if its a boy, he'll dress like a boy and play with action figures and trucks. Simple. Why confuse children and let them think the world will accept them dressing as the opposite sex. That's only going to lead to bullying later on... Just saying...

  • Brenda Biscouto
  • Brenda Biscouto
    Brenda Biscouto

    I´m sorry, but that´s not ok. Lets not try to act so cool and think this is good parenting. Read the psychiatric manual and you´ll find this

  • x

    She's really pretty, but has major psychological problems caused by her parents.

  • Lily

    She looks like she could be Dwight Schrute from The Office's child


    WTF ..? fo real :\ its okay to let your kid dresses like the opposite sex !! whats WRONG with you people X_X GOD .... :|

  • Luis Spain
    Luis Spain

    Luis - Hey stupid, this is Shilloh, daughter of Angelina and Brad, both parents are white american, you a such a stupid and unhappy man, get a life.

  • Keisha

    Why are people commenting on the attractiveness of babies? All babies are beautiful little miracles in their own way. Get a life!

  • Sorro Hammond-balloch
    Sorro Hammond-balloch

    boh parents are white dumb ass

  • Bunnie

    idk if she wasnt to be a little boy or not, girl or boy she's not cute in this pic

  • justine

    how is that trash talking by asking is its a boy or girl? in this picture she looks like a little boy no one said she was ugly or anything bad dang chill

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    Meh....nothing special looking about her.

  • bella

    Umm no ur pathetic mate. ill chop off ur balls and give ur sperm to black ladies so all ur kids come out black so atleast theyre cute and wont get bullied at school

  • Sassy

    CC: I hope you never have children. It would truly be a shame if you infected this world with your poisoned seed...BIGOT!

  • Naomi

    tomb boy

  • courtneybaaaby

    she is a girl, but she wants to be a boy, so she dresses like it, and acts like it. theres nothing wrong with that.

  • Stace

    Um I would have to agree with you ty...

  • Sweetrose

    I'm pretty sure both her parents are white...

  • Sweetrose

    They all are cute...

  • Sweetrose

    I'm pretty sure she knows she a girl... She's a little kid, and little kids like to play and experiement, stop being so dramatic.

  • ty

    It's weird that NONE of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's biological children are cute...

  • louisiana cajun girl
    louisiana cajun girl

    poor child won't know what she is a boy or a girl...she is gonna be confuse poor thing,,Angie should let her hair grow and put on pretty little dresses on that kid....who is the parent here

  • Aina Galofre
    Aina Galofre

    I think she's cute for her age, showing that not there thooth! haha (:

  • CC


  • CC


  • googleberry

    @LR- oh shut the hell up. you know darn well she's a girl, don'tbe ridiculous. we all know at this point what is going on with her and that her parents encourage it- if she's not your kid don't worry about it. get over it. yes, it is a bit of a shock to see the little girl who was SO SO SO cute as a little baby with her big blue eyes and whispy blonde hair and was the spawn of the TWO SEXIEST PEOPLE ALIVE turn out to be...well,pretty much the EXACT OPPOSITE of what everyone thought the spawn of those two people would be.... but like i said, she's not your kid so don't worry about... you just end up sounding like an a** coming onhere and trash talking A CHILD. i mean, we ARE talking about A CHILD, for god's sake. what kind of person needs to trash talk a 4yr old???

  • LR

    I'm so confused by this it a boy or a girl???? :S

  • Sarah Mikula
    Sarah Mikula

    a lot cuter as a, not so much lol