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Shiloh Jolie Pitt
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  • Shaniya Bisconer
    Shaniya Bisconer

    shiloh is my angel

  • melly

    It's not about her way of dressing honey. I don't care that you are married to a man or what not. This child has said repeatedly that she wants to be a boy. And she acts like one too. As long as she is happy and healthy is all that matters. It doesn't matter what she will grow up to be.

  • diana12

    gorgeous like her parents she has the jolie fearlessness:)

  • Yesi Alvarenga
    Yesi Alvarenga

    I'm straight I'm married and I have 3 daughters and I never wore tight jeans,tight shirts,dresses,or high heels if I ever tried to walk on them suckers I will fall and bust my face, some kids,teenagers,and grown ppl don't like to feel all tight and shit I'm good with my Jordan's ,basketball shorts and tee's I don't see nothing wrong with oldest daughter is a girls girl my middle daughter is me made over and loves to watch football with her daddy she loves play guns,cars,football,and she loves her football pj's and my baby well she's still to little to let me know what she wants...

  • Sylvie de Goeij
    Sylvie de Goeij

    what is it about these people on her saying shiloh should not be aloud to dress like a boy because it's not right, you know what's not right to FORCE your young daughter to dress like a girly girl because than she will get confused and IF she turns out to be gay (which is perfectly fine) or whatever she will be scared to tell because she thinks it's wrong, now that's something you should prevent if you want to be a good parent

  • Sylvie de Goeij
    Sylvie de Goeij

    because her daughter want to it's not good and healthy for a child to dress her like a girly girl if she does not want to her other daughters want to dress like girls so she lets them

  • j

    They don't dress the adopted girl as a boy...why does Angelina do that to her daughters?

  • Jackie

    She's gonna grow up being another gender confused kid, and before you know it..she's gonna pull a "Chasidy Bono" and start running around with a DICK..

  • x

    She's really pretty. Too bad her parents aren't taking good care of her.

  • 1lorna

    Wrong Answer she is too through. I have never heard one person say angelina and brad had cute kids and i agree!

  • Emma

    Finally they upload a cute pic!!

  • Naomi

    cute "boy"

  • britt

    i absolutely loved her look as a little baby with her big baby blue eyes and blonde hair, but shes still as cute as ever and very happy looking.

  • Aina Galofre
    Aina Galofre

    she is ssssssssssoooooo sweet (:

  • tlsss21

    Wow look at those eyes. She looks just like her mother.

  • Fanatic

    Looks like Shiloh inherited the love for action & adventure like her mom :)