Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Sweet sisters Shiloh and Zahara Jolie Pitt.
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  • Danielle

    You sure you did not look in the mirror when you threw out this comment? In all honesty i have taken a look at Brangelina's biological kids and thought they seem have a weird look about them but would never call them ugly. I do find the non biological kids cuter.

  • Danielle

    Not sure about Shiloh's hair, it could be tidier i suppose but she is a kid, kids play and easily look disarrayed, whats the big deal, you must think life is some kind of hair pageant competition that they have to be worrying about their hair at such a young age smh. And as for Zahara, maybe you ought to learn about Blacks people's many hair textures before sounding like an ignorant fool because that little girls hair is in perfect condition as it should be, i should know am frickin Black, geeze some people honestly, talk about shit they know f*ck all about.

  • kendall

    Zahara is going to be gorgeous when she grows up!

  • melly

    why waste your life on a stupid sick person like cc? I don't like her either but why not just leave her alone and let her to rot in hell alone.

  • melly

    ERUM: You are not far from the truth. After all, CC does have a history of sexual abuse.

  • CC is a fucking racist
    CC is a fucking racist

    bitch. go back to the zoo or mental hospital where you belong you asshole.

  • Yesi Alvarenga
    Yesi Alvarenga

    Man this bitch really need to get a fucken life! How can anyone say anything mean about a child that's just wrong there's probably some fucken screws all fucked up in her brain

  • Phoenix

    Hi5 to that sweetps!

  • Vanessa

    Ok, I must say that made me laugh...still not nice

  • sillysadie

    Zahara was a sickly baby, so her first pictures weren't very attractive...BUT from this pic, it seems she's growing into quite a lovely little girl! As for Shiloh wearing less than frilly clothes...she's a KID, let her enjoy being herself instead of being treated like a dress-up play toy like Tom Cruz's kid.

  • j

    See...the little adopted girl is actually somewhat dressed like a girl and their natural daughter looks she was playing in Michael Jackson's closet. Calling them ugly isn't an adult thing to do, but what is Angelina thinking??

  • yuk

    Another Chaz Bono. And "zahara" looks like she's always smelling someone's fart. All those kids have problems of some sort.

  • njmami

    yo ur mad corny...keep the comments comin tho. its crazy how they fall for it everytime

  • Jackie

    I'm glad to see that at least Zahara likes to dress like a girl..

  • Meghan

    Z always looks pissed, even when she smiles. Shiloh looks fun and is precious.

  • x

    These girls will grow up hating each other. So sad.

  • Lily

    What an AVATAR!!!!!

  • disgusted

    *way more gorgeous

  • disgusted

    Oh my GOD they are children and people are already calling them ugly. Those kids are going to be way richer and way gorgeous than all of you combined, though, so I guess they get the last laugh.

  • 1lorna

    I cant believe brad and angelina had such ugly kids then they go and adopt more ugly ones.

  • rachel

    they look adorable!!! :D

  • Top of the world
    Top of the world

    @ Bella, Your no better than CC with your disgusting, nasty comments about white kids.. All children are equally cute no matter what color/race they are and I'm as white as they come.. Your just a a nasty, fucked up racist, trash talking waste of human life just like your boyfriend CC.. So do all of us a favor and both of you drop of the face of this earth cause your disgusting, rascist behavior is not welcome in this society.. FUCKING LEAVE ALREADY!!!

  • natsu

    shit-stained towel dat u are

  • natsu

    cc's already da no 1 kid-hater on dis site don't bother tryin 2 compete

  • Yung Panda Hughes
    Yung Panda Hughes

    both of them are ugly

  • julielovesbobby

    you seem to be in the running with cc to be the biggest arse on this site, you're pretty nasty as well...and sheesh, what is your obsession with combing hair? you keep making the same damn comment...yawn. maybe these people are outside and a little wind is ablowin', would you rather the kids be all perfectly 'coiffed' all the time, instead of just being a kid?

  • dina j
    dina j

    No self respecting monkey would touch CC!!!

  • Bunnie

    Shiloh has a very pretty name but no a very cute kid and Zahara isn't making the best face in the pic lol but at least they combed her damn hair. stop having little girls if you don't know how to do hair. freakin frizzy headed kids running around ppl lying swearing they're cute

  • sydsouth

    * Honestly I think all racist people should pay for what they are, but God has plans for racist people like CC in the after life. CC's soul will be stuck here on earth trapped, or go to hell with the fallen angel Satan. Might sound too direct but it's true. Our creator has no place for bullshit in his kingdom unless you ask for forgiveness. Don't get mad at this person, they just are overwhelmed by CC's comments. * =}

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    You really are an asswipe, Your gonna kill someone for making a few comments? really? Get a life.

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    OMG You are to freakin funny!!! LOL

  • missy

    she looks like a MAJOR handfull!!!!!


    CC I will hunt you down and kill you I will kill you and hang your body in public ill go to jail but I will go to jail knowing I rid thw world of one more bigot villain

  • bella

    Obviously the white girls the monkey, black people are taking over man, look at obama u might just aswell kill yourself

  • Sassy

    Why don't you grab a tall glass of "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" and a mouth full of your daddy's nuts, STUPID BIGOT?

  • BoredwithCCnonsense

    CC I hope you realize how much of a pathetic coward you really are. You must hate yourself and your life so much that you have to go online, on a cheap ass website with celebrity nonsense, and spend time being nothing more than an uneducated racist bigot hating bitch. I hope no person ever procreates with you so that the world will be free from any spawn of you. You are nothing more than a pathetic waste of space, if I had to guess I'd say your parents are dead because they killed themselves after realizing what a complete waste of space they spawned. Do us all a favor tomorrow when you wake up in your efficiency apartment, make sure you put on your best size 16W pants and undersized tank top, open your front door and walk into a very large truck.

  • L R
    L R

    i say all the parents of these kids linch mob cc

  • Erum

    CC was probably got rapped by a monkey when was a kid!! LMAO

  • Siobhan Totterdale
    Siobhan Totterdale

    Dont mean! To the scum! What did it do to deserve that.. :'( poor show.

  • Janice Douglas Leggett
    Janice Douglas Leggett

    cc is just looking in the mirror. He or she can't be talking about either one of these gorgeous children. Pitiful idiot!

  • Sweetps

    And you look like the scum on the bottom of their shoes!!!

  • Nic

    what the hell is ur problem, if you have nothing nice to say dont say anything. youve made mean comments about a few children there something you hiding? are you secretly hideous and feel the need to take it out on these small children? SHUT UP OR SHIP OUT

  • CC


  • googleberry

    look how cute they are together :)