Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Suri Cruise with mom, Katie Holmes.
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • melly

    CC believes that her mom doesn't like her because they don't have a real good relationship. she has a lot of doubt. I know this personally about CC.

  • ......?

    a Doll X3(too cute)

  • Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier
    Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier

    Her looks are shot!! Not cute at all! Her mom has to carry her because she sprained her ankle wearing the high heels she prefers! I cannot stand the sight of her. she looks evil.

  • Vanessa

    Suri is very pretty.

  • sillysadie

    I don't have that much of a problem with her ALWAYS being carried...I agree that being surrounded by paparrazi and who knows what kind of kooks makes it scarey to put her down. However, there's something that just doesn't feel right with that family. Makes it hard to feel warm and fuzzy towards a kid who, to me, oozes "I'm being smothered by my parents who want me to be their dress up doll". I'd like to see her in dirty jeans, a t-shirt and a pair of scuffed-up sneakers that show she actually is allowed out of Mom's arms now and then and given the chance to play like an actual child. Kind of makes me wonder if she's ever gotten in trouble for having wire hangers in her closet.

  • moonlady

    Katie often lets her wear heels and lipstick, but carries her around. Doesnt make sense!

  • moonlady

    She lets her wear heels and lipstick, but then she also carries her around. That's weird.

  • JaelleRabbit

    I think she looks cuter with her little bob, but still shes cute either way

  • JaelleRabbit

    Are you stupid?!?!?! She is freaking adorable!

  • Jackie

    Spoiled little koala bear faced kid, that needs to teach her mommy that she's old enough to fucking walk on her OWN now..

  • Leslie

    Okay....I agree on that one! If they can walk...goodness...LET THEM WALK!!!! There are so many other ways of cherishing the time they are little!!!

  • Sammiie

    She's so cute!

  • UrAnIdiot

    What does saying the number 10 have to do with learning how to count, it's completely irrelevant..... twit.

  • x

    She looks just like Chris Klein. Her real father.

  • Gina

    She is still too young to even be at school

  • meg

    Umm.... Where do you see scarf and a long sleeve shirt? I see ... TSHIRT. You're blind.

  • Raissa

    But i think, her face is so look alike Tom.. Just my opinion.. :)

  • R3ir3i

    She's not 10 you moron. try WAY younger. Learn to count.

  • dawn

    Does Suri even go to school to be socialized?

  • dawn

    That kid irritates me. What drives me nuts is when Katie is dressed dramatically opposite to her kid. Long sleeves and a scarf while Suri has on a sleeveless cotton sundress. Nuts.

  • 1lorna

    She is just a regular looking kid. She wont win a beauty contest. I cant wait until she goes to school away from her mom and dad so she will be allowed to walk on her own.

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    ikr?! you think people would learn from Princess Diana.

  • allison rose
    allison rose

    cutest kid ever !!!!!

  • JAA

    I'm sorry, but this kid hasn't been cute since she was about 4 months old. Another case of two beautifuls NOT producing a beautiful kid. Maybe she'll change as she gets older, but right now, not what you would expect from these two. Although, maybe she's an alien - that would explain everything, right Tom?!!

  • dina j
    dina j

    amen to that

  • Bunnie

    thank goodness she looks like her mom, that is a cute kid. she looks like a normal kid which is odd considering her parents

  • Dawnarie

    Doesn't that kid know how to walk yet???

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    Really, you think it is Ok to carry around a 10 year old? Ridiculous.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    God she bugs me....Katie AND Suri. Both are uber annoying to me.

  • shelbyb

    Shes not spoiled, love herrr!

  • Shawna Elmore
    Shawna Elmore

    your parents dont love you. i can tell.

  • BoredwithCCnonsense

    How's the trailer park looking today, did you remember your special spandex pants and fuzzy slippers before you left to go be a professional douche bag at your high paying job at Walmart this morning?

  • Naomi

    she is beautiful and cute, but she is a brat. Her parents don't let her walk for herself. They are always carrying her with blankets like a little baby.

  • courtneybaaaby

    she is so beautiful, both of them!

  • M

    Apparently he didn't. There's a long standing rumor that he's sterile, and that because he's so high up, he was granted permission to use the frozen sperm of L. Ron Hubbard. We'll never know if it's true, but it wouldn't surprise me!

  • hailey

    wtf is wrong with you? that little girl is beautiful, and why are you hating on little kids freak?

  • ty

    She is the most beautiful celebrity child to me. Who knew that Tom Cruise could make someone so cute!

  • CC


  • googleberry

    if i had a group of 10-15 ADULT MEN crowding around me the very second i took a step outside til i got to my car, and they were shouting and yelling my name and my kids names and rushing all around trying to get "the best shot" i would carry my kid too.... in fact, there's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY IN HELL i would put my kid down. i'd be worried they would get trampled, or tripped, or stepped on, or scared, or upset.... haven't you ever seen the video footage that people sometimes film from behind all that mess that shows the papparazzi swarming all around these people? i, obviously, always knew they were there and took pictures, but after i watched actual footage of it one time..... i was completely shocked and appalled. it was so invasive, and they were so was scary. i really felt for these people, especially the ones with children. the guys are STRANGERS and they are screaming all the kids names and flashing cameras intheir faces trying to get them to make different faces to trying to get them to say something...anything. sometimes the guys are even tripping over one another and pushing each other around in order to get a better shot of the's pretty terrible.... for anyone that always has something to say about the celebrities that they see carrying their toddlers and pre-schoolers around, you guys are idiots. i would do the exact same with my kids, any caring concerned parent would

  • Allison

    You are either stupid, or you don't have kids. As long as you can still carry them, do it, I don't see any harm in it. They grow up so fast and it only lasts so long. I don't care if she's 10 and Katie is still holding her. It's what a parent does. Idiot.

  • justme

    She is cute, too bad she is spoiled rotten. Katie needs to get away from TCruise. He brings her down....

  • Des

    Beautiful daughter, but way to big, you need to put her down kate