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  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Suri Cruise
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • melly


  • melly

    Just because you had to flash your panties to your step daddy, doesn't mean she will do the same later on honey.

  • Niceguy

    She's pretty

  • Jeff

    Pedobear approves~

  • LiFesWhAtuMaKeiT

    ur such a bitch thats a child n ur talking bout her like that?!?!?grow the fuk up!!

  • LiFesWhAtuMaKeiT

    haha i totally agree with ^^ the person above me lol

  • Vanessa

    Was there a fire?

  • Imogen

    How do you know she's a "brat"? Did you meet her?

  • Karla

    Were you breastfed as a kid Jackie?

  • Jackie

    Spoiled little knocked knee bitch. I'm surprised she's even on the ground seeing as how her boring, untalented, zombie of a mother doesn't have her clutched up in her arms as if someone was gonna steal the little bitch..

  • x

    She looks just like Chris Klein. Her real father.

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    thats pretty ironic, since you're the one who sounds like the brat here.

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    both of you are heartless bitches

  • Linda Brake
    Linda Brake

    I don't get the "brat" and "homeless" remarks. I think she is breathtaking in this photo. I can see her as a child model definitely but I know her parents would not allow that because they are too devoted to her well being.

  • Mary Teresa Vee
    Mary Teresa Vee

    She looks homeless here.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    She looks like a brat here. Ugh.

  • Jessie Sharlene
    Jessie Sharlene

    she is going to be such an out of control girl and flash her panties by the time she is 14.

  • shelbyb

    How about you go away

  • Heather Hunter
    Heather Hunter

    She's starting to go threw her akward stage. It's okay we all had one!

  • aprilreign

    you know what... it's weird i agree with these comments. the fact that she gets carried around a lot, can't be good for her, or the barley water jokes. but at four i still had a blankie - she's just so fey and long legged that she looks too old for it. the other factor? i think is her hair, i mean i remember at birth she had a pretty thick head of black hair. it was kinda alarming. of course, it became the extra thick luxurious head of hair she now has. I will be envious of her hair when she grows up. It's already great for a 4 year old. Looks like hair on at least a 7 year old.

  • Naomi

    she is beautiful and cute, but she is a brat. Her parents don't let her walk for herself. They are always carrying her with blankets like a little baby.

  • Persephone

    She looks like shes modeling for something.So cute!!!!

  • hailey

    soo beautiful!!! she would be a good renesmee (breaking dawn)

  • ty

    America's Next Top Model is... She is SO SO SO beautiful!

  • olivia

    i love the little toy

  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez

    People like her hair and kisses to my fans for Selena Gomez

  • Allison

    Eff the haters!! She is so beautiful!!

  • Aislyn

    you know, Suri looks so 'grown up' a lot of the time that I sometimes forget she's still a little girl. If you crop this where you just see her from the shoulders up she looks like a much older girl, so seeing her with the blanket and toy throws me off a bit, I don't why because intellectually I know she's, like, 4 years old, but sometimes I forget