Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Jack Black and his shaggy-haired son Thomas.
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  • melly


  • Zachary Shook
    Zachary Shook

    It's a mini version of Jack Black. I saw this, and thought to myself, dad and son totally have the same energy level. ROCK ON!

  • Vanessa

    Cute kid!!

  • sowhat

    stupid dad, ugly kid

  • sillysadie

    Adorable kid! Way to go, Jack!!!

  • JaelleRabbit

    me either I thought he had a daughter

  • Karla

    I don't mean to be on ur case but cut it out and get a life!

  • Pamela

    he's sooooo cute!! I can't stop watching this picture!! <3

  • Jackie

    Poor kid looks like he hasn't eaten in days!! I guess we can see WHO'S eating up all the fucking food in the house

  • x

    luv Jack Black.

  • James

    The kid is cute.. He is lucky, it could have been much much worse!

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    why don't YOU shut up! everyone is entitled to their own opinion! you're just a heartless bitch, unless if you're a guy, in which case, you're a heartless bastard.

  • Sydd Marshall
    Sydd Marshall

    jack looks mre like a kid than his son

  • WhatNow?

    He looks like how I always imagined Max's face and hair when I would read "Where The Wild Things Are." Super cute little boys with their dads is one of the cutest things around. Tell them to stop and pick up a puppy!

  • jess

    stfu PLEASE. No one gives a fuck . Just look at the fucking picture and move on no need for this comment.

  • Naomi

    cute little boy!!!

  • Persephone

    i didnt even know he had a son lol

  • courtneybaaaby

    i love you jack black, your are amazing, best actor going!

  • googleberry

    yay! i love seeing pictures of the celeb babies that you don't see everyday........... i get tired of seeing the same darned kids day after day after day.... it gets boring after a while. i like seeing pics of celebs and their kids, as a parent (for some reason) i think it's interesting to see the people that i like ON screen when they are OFF the screen and with their kids. its just neat to see what theirkids look like............................. his son is ADORABLE :) not only are his awesome little shark sneakers adorable, but they have matching wild man hair cuts too. it's really cute, my son and his dad have the same kind of matching wild man hair too. its funny to see celebrities being "normal"

  • Sarah Mikula
    Sarah Mikula

    i didnt even know he was a dad, wow

  • Brit

    My great grandpa wears those same overalls. Just thought that was funny. :D