Cute Celebrity Kids

  • Cute Celebrity Kids
Valentina Pinault
Source: Fame Pictures
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  • Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier
    Cheryl Viuhkola-Pelletier

    Okay...nut there is something odd about her face. It looks too large and her eyes are spaced too far apart.

  • Vanessa

    It's Dora!!

  • sillysadie

    Beautiful eyes! She's gorgeous now and will be an equally gorgeous adult!

  • Meghan

    She's gorgeous! Looks like my little cousin.

  • Brenda Biscouto
    Brenda Biscouto

    Wow... again?? Are you bold or something?? Get over the hair stuff, please- You´re starting to sound like a crazy persona :S

  • x

    A mini version of Salma Hayek. She's lucky that she's a prettier, less hairy version of her mother.

  • CC is racist AND sexist
    CC is racist AND sexist

    oh my gosh, just STOP with the fucking hair comments? do you HEAR how annoying and stuck up you sound?

  • Bunnie

    attention all celeb moms... holding a class to teach you the importance of a good comb and brush and how to COMB YOUR KIDS HAIR. cute outfits aren't so cute when their looks like they woke up got out of bed and just left the house

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee

    Salma Hayek's

  • Heather Hunter
    Heather Hunter

    I'm sorry but who's kid is this?

  • coutneybaaaby

    allison just fuck up.

  • Allison

    ...brush her hair...